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    Waveport excitation and mode alignment

    Dear All, I have designed a dielectric filled cavity resonator BPM and want to measure its position sensitivity. From the S-parameter anaylsis, I could observe difference in signal levels for offset positions even in monopole mode. This I believe happens as I am having 4 floating cavities...
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    Waveport Exciation in HFSS

    I meant beam as a cylinder (a wire) across the cavity with PEC boundary condition.Then it is analogous to a test bench characterization setup. I have not tried with a gaussian beam, maybe that solves the issue. Thanks for the suggestion. Let me try it out and update here!!
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    Waveport Exciation in HFSS

    Dear All, Thanks for all the previous responses to my doubts. I would like to simulate a beam in an offset position within a cavity. First I calculate the resonance cavity of the system (with no beam: I mean a cylinder with material properties as a perfect conductor is used as a beam...
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    Driven Modal Port Excitation for Resonant Cavity

    Dear All, I have this struggle to assign port excitation on a multiport resonant cavity using Driven Modal in HFSS. I am confused about whether should I excite all the 4 ports as a wave port (changing the edit source in HFSS drop down to 0 for the other 3 ports) keeping one port as an...
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    Resonance Frequency in Driven Modal

    Hello Guys, Sorry for the late response as I was on vacation. The issue that I posted could be solved as I did not define the terminating boundary conditions properly. The resonance frequency drift is not beyond a few kHz. However, I am interested in solving the same in Driven Modal and am...
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    Resonance Frequency in Driven Modal

    I also felt this could be the reason but a shift of 5 MHz is too much I guess. Because in reality when we measure the S21 of the resonator (through pickups), I still read close to the simulation value but without the pickups. I beleive there might be overlap of some material properties. I also...
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    Resonance Frequency in Driven Modal

    Dear All, I got a close to reality resonance frequency with eigen mode solver (simulating the enclosed vacuum volume within the resonator but with no pickup included). When I try to use the driven modal solution type with the pickup also included as antenna, my resonance frequency is different...
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    Resonant Frequency of a Cavity Resonator

    Thanks for your response. The issue was as I imported the step file for simulation, it took the metal volume for vacuum and vice-versa. Hence, HFSS was actually simulating the wrong volume. Thanks once again for your response. Cheers Sud
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    Resonant Frequency of a Cavity Resonator

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and getting used to ANSYS HFSS. I have a cavity resonator whose resonance frequency I want to determine. By solving using Eigenmode solution type, the eigenmode data would give me the resonance frequency and the Q. However, I believe the resonance frequency is...

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