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    How to use GLCD with PIC16F877A using Pic Basic pro?

    Hi try here: Index of /support/PBP_Files these are library file for pbp. Here you can get an utility for convert bmp into BIN file: GLiPIC Best regards
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    [SOLVED] REQ: Roland PNC 1800 plotter service manual

    Hi people, i need the service manual or schematich for roland pnc 1800 plotter. please if anyone have it or a link, please share. Best regards
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    LM35DZ negative temperature

    Hi, you need to add a resistor as indicate in datasheet. For calculation the zero degree is equal 1,2 Volts if you add 2 diodes So, 1,3 volts are 1 degree and 1,1 volts are -1 degree regards
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    PHILLIPS PM 5515 service manual.

    Hi, here for you :D manual is for 5515 - 5516 -5518 Regards
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    PHILLIPS PM 3215 OSCILLISCOPE Service and User Manual ?

    Here the service manual for you. Regards Leemarrow
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    [SOLVED] UHF and VHF pcb coil software?

    Hi, Thank you vfone, these are also software simulators? I need a very simple program to calculate coil :-)
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    [SOLVED] UHF and VHF pcb coil software?

    Hi, wich software to calculate UHF and VHF pcb coil? (spiral, round, linear ect) Best regards Leemarrow
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    [SOLVED] Anyone have an AVCOM PSA-65A Spectrum Analyzer?

    Hi, i need help for AVCOM PSA-65A. i need to know some voltage on pcb. Regards
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    request for eprom programmer software/hardware

    Re: Eprom programmer Hi, try with willem program https://www.geocities.com/mpu51/eprom/eprom.html i have a willem progr PCB4V6.1 from silvotronic (https://www.silvotronic.de/) on inernet they are more version regards
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    audio spectrum analyzer FFT picbasic code?

    picbasic audio spectrum analyzer Hi, anyone have some ideas for FFT picbasic code? I wan't use a 16f876 and a 4x20 lcd, i have found more project on youtube but no code. Regards
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    X and Y signal to Video composte signal

    Hi, i have 2 signal to send an oscilloscope (x signal and y signal). Now, i want send this signals to a tv thru a video composite signal. Any idea? Thank you Regards
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    LM35 with PIC16F877A using PICBasic

    temperature sensors pic16f877a circuit
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    GLCD HLM6244 need help - how to drive this LCD?

    hlm6244 Hi, anyone have some ideas how to drive this LCD? It not have 8 data pins. Regards
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    LM35 with PIC16F877A using PICBasic

    lm35 pic16f877a circuit diagram Good work :D I'm happy for you :D Now the next step is to use DS1820 Sensor !
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    LM35 with PIC16F877A using PICBasic

    picbasic temperature sensor Ok, no hardware problem :D try this code: temp var word 'result of conv on AN0 (RA0) temperature var word quanta con 1250 TRISA = %11111111 ' Set all PORTA as input (optional) ADCON1= %10001110' Configure for AN0 as analogue input ' With right...
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    LM35 with PIC16F877A using PICBasic

    lm35dz picbasic yes really it is 1024 but read this technique extract from "Experiment with Picbasic Pro Compiler" book: "Any quantasized result depends on the accracy of quanta level, which in this case is (5/1024). This gives the result, .0048828125, clearly this is too small for the...
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    LM35 with PIC16F877A using PICBasic

    calculation lm35 for pic Hi, maybe you don't have considered the quantization :D With 10 bits conversion you must divide by 1250. this is my code with a ref at 2,5 v and not zero, so you must subtract the read value at 25000 (2,5 v) for read negative temperature @ DEVICE pic16F876, WDT_OFF...
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    [SOLVED] Digital audio selector from Analog Device

    Hi, i want to build a simple digital audio selector for my little audio studio. I have found on the net ADG507A from analog device for 8 input and 1 stereo out. Before i buy this IC, i need to know what do you think about this IC? Do you know other best similar device? Anyone have used it? regard
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    [SOLVED] which usb microscope buy, for smd repair?

    smd microscope hi, i have found more usb microscope but i don't know wich is the best. If anyone have experience in this field, please give me information about what is the best usb miscoscope, for smd repairs Regards

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