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    ADC generation using PIC16f72 microcontroller.

    yes, you are correct..... Though we have to use group of channels as input but we will get input for ADC on certain specific channel.....
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    sms recieving problem using sim900d

    if you using that board , there will no logic level problem. recheck your code problem is in code i think...............
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    sms recieving problem using sim900d

    sometimes pic microcontroller don't received sms on rda from sim900d module because of different voltage levels used for both. operate pic on 3.3 v or add logical converter on rx of pic to match logic level. add 2 diodes in vcc series of microcontroller it also work. i faced this problem many...
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    Very Urgent ( control motor speed)

    check schematic of ac motor speed controller input on adc pin for zero crossing.... no code because i never worked on 8051. if you code for pic or st microcontroller i can help you. https://obrazki.elektroda.pl/1681773100_1366401596.html
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    current out measuring of a mobile charger

    if you want to use waste product for your research then you should have good knowledge of electronics because risk is always there...... you can use battery instead of mobile but again risk is there........over current charging of battery is very dangerous it may harm you very badly..... in...
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    current out measuring of a mobile charger

    if you can't able to get nokia 3310 then switch to other mobile and charger to complete your task.... without mobile you can't measure current as i mentioned reason in my previous post.... :?:
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    current out measuring of a mobile charger

    yes you must have a mobile so that you measure current. if there is no load , no path for current to flow so no current if no load. see attached picture for further infomation. I hope you will get your answer - - - Updated - - - yes you must have a mobile so that you measure current. if there...
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    ADC generation using PIC16f72 microcontroller.

    If you study datasheet of pic16F72, they mentioned that only following adc configuration you can use. use cannot make only AN3 for adc use have to use following group configuration. 1- NO_ANALOGS 7 // None 2- ALL_ANALOG 0 // A0 A1...
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    current out measuring of a mobile charger

    set your multi-meter in current measuring mode and connect your meter in series between charger and mobile. Remember to connect charger with mains :razz:
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    Re: sine wave inverter circuits check this https://www.microchip.com/stellent/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&nodeId=1406&dDocName=en543188&redirects=offlineups
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    CB0703-PCB for "PICkit 2" DIY(Do It Yourself) fans

    Re: pickit 2 pcb i need pic kit 2 pcb kindly....plz contact moeezawan_97@hotmail.com
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    sample Code for a t6963C LCD controller using PIC

    kindly also send code and circuit diagram to me ...thanks
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    T6963C (240 x 128) GLCD library for microchip c18 compiler

    Re: t6963c c library i need t6963c (240 x 128) GLCD c code with PIC... kindly help....
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    seried fed rectangular microstrip patch antenna

    calculate value of Q (quality factor) and use lumped elements for making your antenna resonant.

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