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    Weighing machine/Load cell

    Hi, I want to interface digital weighing machine with AVR to control cement packaging etc. Do any one want to help me with the detail schematics and code c/basic for AVR. I have some previous experience using ATmega 16/32. Pls help. My email: nhuda1965@yahoo.com.
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    stunning websites

    My favourite website is www.ikalogic.com[/URL]. where every aspects of electronics projects has been discussed from robotics and microcontroller to generel electronics. pls open the website. regards n_huda2006
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    How to Design a mosfet driver for my 500VA/1000VA inverter?

    irf3205 inverter hi, how do i calculate the number of mosfets for 500VA/1000VA load and the specification of mosfet? pls help me!!
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    Fully automatic Car Battery Charger Circuit

    automatic car battery charger circuit hi, i'm looking for a professional 12V,150Ah Car Battery Charger Circuit with the following built-in options:(part of my Instant 220VAC Source (inverter)) a. Automatic BOOST, FLOAT & TRICKLE charging b. Charge Monitoring and Overcharge Protection c...
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    i need phillips monitor service manual 15A2228N

    please help on 15A2228N phillips monitor :cry:
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    looking for monitor repair e`book !

    i need phillips 15A2228N monitor service manual :!:

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