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    Nice I2C asembler routine for PIC16F84A needed

    i2c pic16f84 meppel i have programmed the exact same card b4... the steps to go on about it. for testing... (write a serial routine which just outputs a letter every second or somthing...(in pic basic pro its just 2 lines of code...check it out) and then get a software (google it up) to...
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    Nice I2C asembler routine for PIC16F84A needed

    master i2c for pic16f690 dont worry about "gold wafer card" look at it as simply programming a chip....(pic16) have u programed that chip b4....if not, just have a look at the sample code provided (e.g. pic basic is good for beginers)
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    Nice I2C asembler routine for PIC16F84A needed

    i2c with pic16f84a its like programming a normal pic processor....the only difference is that u must creat a serial Comm routine...check out picbasic pro...it has some serial routines...thats the easiest way....or u can use microchip compiler.... hope this helps :)
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    How does 4 pole, triple throw switch work?

    4 pole, triple throw A.Anand thanx i understand now. i just needed time to sink in, i undestand 100% now :) i wasnt looking at the actuall outputs off e f g h... each set will give a different signal :D
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    How does 4 pole, triple throw switch work?

    4 pole, triple throw you know where u said that either E(i),F(i),G(i),H(i) will have power or E(ii),F(ii),G(ii),H(ii) will have power .....does that depend on what i feed the inputs? and also, whats confusing me is the why the hell do e for example have two lines? can you explain that?
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    How does 4 pole, triple throw switch work?

    Re: 4 pole, triple throw how does it work? say i want to the first mode to be off (no power) the second mode to have power (signal A) , and the third mode to have power (signal B) i dont know how to go on about it i drew a pic for you to help me understand what will happen. i really...
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    How does 4 pole, triple throw switch work?

    Re: 4 pole, triple throw you said.... the 4 input terminals contain a different input each.... do you mean the 4 input terminals contain a different output each....
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    How does 4 pole, triple throw switch work?

    Re: 4 pole, triple throw i dont understand what do you mean by : "4 inputs can be connected to 3 output sets of 4 poles each....." im so confused
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    How does 4 pole, triple throw switch work?

    im really confused about the operation of these kind of switched i need to use one because the toggle allows the user to choose between 3 modes of operation. can some one explain the circuit for me, im i dont know how it works, i googled but didn’t help me... :cry:
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    serial digital data network which 1

    im want to use the most fastest and most accurate digital data network? do you guys have any recommendations? like for example the CANbus or SPI or SMbus etc
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    Motorola DSP56156 simular replacement

    the Motorola DSP56156 has been discontinued, and i need to replace it with something simular to it from the same family, i don’t know how to go on about it, please help me with some guide lines :cry: this website only contains a different family the DSP563XX but not DSP561XX i want to minimise...
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    usb ethernet or serial

    hi guys, im a new engineer in search of some experienced suggestions in regards to communication methods selection, i need an opinion on choosing the most accurate (with least errors occurring) and fastest communication method. The board that im going to use has the following: Gigabit...
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    CAN Bus Filter & Masks?

    cansetfilter hi there, i have 4 node, node A node B and node C and a master node alpha node alpha is the one that wants to recive messaged from NODE A and B only say for example NODE A has a msg id of 0x020 and NODE B has a msg id of 0x030 how do i make the master node only filter msgs...
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    C18 and -pulse width modualtion-

    c18 + pwm hi everyone can someone please tell the steps that need to be taken to control a uni polar stepper motor, i want to control it by using pwm in C but i don’t know were start can someone please help me, please please :cry:
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    reading stepper motor position

    hi im programming a unipolar stepper motor in c for the pic18 device, in full step mode. one task is to get the position of the stepper, and i just can’t seem to figure out a way to do it, can someone please help me on this, im in need of professional help from u guys. thanks in advance
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    4 phase unipolar Stepper Motor?

    has anyone got example programs written in c that would controlle the step motor (c18 compiler) using a pic though pic 18, thankz
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    4 phase unipolar Stepper Motor?

    unipolar_stepper_motor_1_1.pdf i need to contorle this type of stepper motor with a pic18458 device in C i dont know were to begin, i really need help from u guys :cry: thank yoouuu soo much in advance guys
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    _CAN_ Programming Using _18f548_

    iv done that, however im going to have to do a network with 2 nodes, one is a heater connected to the pic then the can bus, the other is a step motor connected to a pic to the can bus, i must get the motor to work first, it is a four phase (A-B-C-D) unipolar type. had any one got any...
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    _CAN_ Programming Using _18f548_

    hi there, im a final year engineering student who is doing a project using the CAN protocol with the pic 18f548, i going to implement the network in C i was wondring if any one have resources in C about programming CAN with 18f548 thanks in advance
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    Resources for studying RTOS

    silberschatz rtos • Salvo now ships with a full suite of freeware and standard libraries for PIC12, PIC16, PIC17 and PIC18 PICmicro devices. • Libraries for 80x86 C console applications built with Metrowerks CodeWarrior are included.

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