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    Interesting: Will SAW Help Improving the Chain NF?

    Hi, thanks for your reply. During the impedance transformation, the SAW filter actually has voltage gain, although it introduces 1dB power loss. The voltage gain can be calculated as: Vout^2/200 = Vin^2/50*L => VG=1.7825 ~ 5dB Obviously this gain will help with the noise figure. Agree...
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    Interesting: Will SAW Help Improving the Chain NF?

    Hi, all, Let's consider a 50 ohm to 200 ohm impedance transformation SAW filter, and it has the insertion loss of 1dB. If it is inserted between a 50 ohm antenna and a 200 ohm LNA, will it help with the chain noise figure, or the noise figure of SAW+LNA will be better than LNA alone (refer to...
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    How to simulate the group delay of a switched cap. filter?

    simulate pss delay Dear all, I want to simulate the group delay of a switched capacitor filter, however, after running the PSS+PAC simulation, I could not use the "special function" in the calculator. So, is there any other method to calculate the group delay? Thanks in advance, Ruri
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    What type of AC coupling capacitor is in the input of LNA ?

    Re: LNA matching jecyhale -- You need to calculate the input impedance of your LNA core. If the input impedance is low and already matches to 50ohm (CG topology, for instance), you have to use the off-chip cap, coz it would too bulky to integrate it on chip. Hope it helps, Ruri
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    Low noise amplifier design with -10dB gain?

    Thank you very much for your replies, guys. I'm sorry that I did not elaborate my requirements. That's absolutely right that LNA should have gain and low noise generally, but for some cases, for example, with large signals input, the LNA should be able to switch low gain mode for linearity...
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    Low noise amplifier design with -10dB gain?

    Hi, gentlemen, Does anyone here has the experience of designing LNAs with negative gain like -10 ~ -20dB and keeping the input impedance matched at the same time? OR do you have any suggestions or references? Thanks in advance. Ruri
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    How to measure the DC noise?

    Hi, all, How to measure the DC noise performance, say the LDO, BG output noise? what equipment can be employed? Thank you very much, Ruri
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    Phase Noise Simulation of Ring Osc. with spectreRF

    phase noise calculation cadence simulation Thank you, Khouly, did you mean the following document? www.cadence.com/community/virtuoso/resources/SpectreRF_VCO533AN.pdf There's nothing about the Ring oscillator phase noise simulation. My current issue on the phase noise simulation is that the...
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    200MHz Power Amplifier

    The PA needs no inductor, but need to be designed for low power. Thanks, Ruri
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    Phase Noise Simulation of Ring Osc. with spectreRF

    phasenoise simulation Hi, all, How to get the right phase noise curve in spectreRF?? I got the positive one for the close-in, thought it must be wrong. Thanks in advance, Ruri
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    200MHz Power Amplifier

    Hi, all, Does any one here have the experience of designing the 200MHz inductor-less power amplifier to drive 50 ohm antenna, with output power around 0dBm? Thanks in advance, Ruri
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    THD simulation in Cadence Spectre

    thd simulation Thank you, gelo, it helps. Ruri
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    50ohm driver/buffer for measurement

    driver 50ohm Hi, all, Does anyone here have the experience of designing the on-chip 50ohm driver/buffer for cable connection with testing equipment? The requirement on the driver/buffer are: wide bandwidth, high linearity and driving capability. Thank you in advance, Ruri
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    THD simulation in Cadence Spectre

    cadence thd Hi, guys, How to simulate the total harmonic distortion (THD) in Cadence Spectre simulator? Many thanks, Ruri
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    compact capacitor layout?

    compact capacitor antennas Hi, what's the most compact on-chip capacitor you've ever built? any layout technique? take 5M1P process as an example. Thanks, Ruri
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    unstable due to substrate grounding with bondwire

    Hi, wizardyhnr, Yes, the bondwire could be one of the reasons introducing unstability, and it is easy to explain: at certain frequency, the souce impedance of the input transistor becomes capacitive, thus the real part of the input impedance of the LNA becomes negative correspondently. However...
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    Looking for resources about RF VGA design

    Re: RF VGA? Hi, thank you all for the reply. The operating frequency I'm talking about is 2.4GHz. Thanks, Ruri
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    Looking for resources about RF VGA design

    Hi, all, does any one here have the experience on the RF VGA design? or have any material on the topic. For example, the gain range:42dB, step: 3dB? Thanks, Ruri
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    does anyboay can supply some good ideas on LNA layout?

    Hi, I think your question is too genearl, hard to give you the specific answers. In one word, try to REDUCE the parasitics in the signal path, resistive, capacitive... Good luck, Ruri

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