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    CCS pic compiler uart programming

    hi all i am using CCS pic compiler. i want to use serial programming. can someone send me the code in which i will simply send 16 bit int and receive to another MCU (PIC16F886). thanks in advance. i am using this code to transmit . it transmits properly but receiving is creating proble...
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    bit testing problem in mikroC for AVR

    hi all i am using mikro C for AVR. how can i test or edit a bit in a variable int?like i have an 8 bit int "reg" and i want to make bit5 of "reg",hi. or i want to check the bit 5 is hi or low, for both cases, what i have to do? help please.
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    pic18f2550 based usb project

    hi all i want to use pic18f182550 for USB communication. Actually i want to generate my own data stream. I have a joy pad which is USB. first i want to analyse the data, comes from joy pad by pressing several buttons on it then i want to generate same data stream by PIC18F2550. for analyzing, i...
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    CCS trigonometric calculation

    hi when i put the value 0x7543 in an "int16", in RAM that is shown as it is. But when i put 0x7543 in float, it gives an other 32 bit value in RAM which is "866A8D" what does it mean? an i want to calculate trigonometry like cos45*sin90... etc. (in degrees) how can i do it ? urgent help is needed
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    AVR studio 5 problem for C

    hi I have used CCS and mikroC as PIC compiler. now i am going to use AVR studio as AVR C compiler. In beginning i am facing a problem about #define. How can i define port as label like i want to use portb.0 as LED output. when i write #define LED PORTB.0 it makes error. what is the right way...
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    decimal to hex and hex to decimal conversion in ccs pic compiler.

    hi i simply need to convert decimal (8 bit) to hex in CCS. In mikroC, that is so easy to convert by using "bcd2dec" built in function. but in CCS i think there is no any function like that so how can i do?
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    rtc DS1307 problem on mikroC pic compiler

    hi i am using RTC DS1307 with pic16f887. using very common code for mikro c, avilable on net. problem is when i run the code on debugger, "read_time" routine sticks on "I2C1_start();" can anybody help? code is: // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RB3_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB2_bit; sbit...
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    trigonometric functions in mikro C pic compiler problem

    hi i want to perform some trigonometric functions in mikroC like get the value of sin90, cos30 etc. i wrote this code but when i run it and watch RAM, values are not correct. even when i do it with float, incorrect values occur. please help long val3; void calculate (void) { val3=sin(90); }...
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    interface thermal printer with AVR

    hi how can i use any thermal serial printer with ATMEGA8? from where i can get data of printer? is there standard data format to be print in all thermal printers which r used in banks for qmatic systems? i just want to know that which data will print which sized and font of characters.
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    data pointing in ROM in pic16f887 problem.

    hi all, i work in assembly language with pic16f887 i want to use ROM as readable memory. like i have used with DPTR in 8051. what are DB and DT in PIC16? how can i use ROM with DB or DT direactive for making long lookup table?
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    PIC16F887 I/O problem in assembly. please help urgent

    hi all i am not very new in assembly. but i am wondering that why i cant solve this very very simple I/O problem. i want to use portc,2 and portc,3 as input an portc,4 and portc,5 as output and a simple delay. (other all ports are set for their jobs) when portc2 will hi, portc4 will lo...
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    timer/counter 1 problem in ccs pic compiler

    hi i want to get 16 bit data from timer/counter1 (as event counter) to portb and c in CCS. how can i do it? i did it by timer 0 as counter. by following SETUP_TIMER_0(RTCC_EXT_H_TO_L|RTCC_8_BIT|RTCC_DIV_2); SET_TIMER0(0); WHILE(1) { OUTPUT_B(GET_TIMER0()); } one more...
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    interrupt problem in 16f676

    hi i am using 16f676 with assembly language. i want to make PWM based lamp dimmer. for this purpose, i have to use 2 interrupts. external int and timer 1 interrupt. can i use both? when external interrupt will wake, timer1 will start, make a port hi. when it will turns off by overflowing, will...
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    mplab Message[306] problem

    hi all i m facing the following message problem while using pic16f887 in mplab using debugger tool mplabsim. in assembly language. someone is saying that this is related to "PCLATH" i couldnt understand that. help is needed how and where i have to program or enter in pclath register or any...
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    PC to MCU interface via USB

    pc to mcu interface via usb hi I want to Interface any micro controller (pic or avr) with PC via usb. I want to make an app on any suitable software through which i will turn on or off relays, display ADC value (voltage from temp sensor or any source) on PC monitor. Please note that i work on...
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    need help about saving and retrieving the W reg during interrupt handling in assembly

    urgent help is needed please i am facing the problem that in my software (in assembly language). i am using timer interrupt in 16f72. there is some calculation which is done by w reg. during calculation, when timer interrupt occurs, the value of w reg is disturbed. when w reg goes to work for...
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    interface ds1307 with at89s51

    hi i m trying to interface DS1307 with AT89S51 but the problem is, i successfully write the time in RTC but fail to read. i checked on proteus. i use this protocol for reading start (release start bit) device add. (send device add. #0D0h) get byte (send clock only and get data...
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    PIC12f508 port programming problem

    hi i m using pic12f508 by assembly language. a strange thing is, its datasheet tells that there is no any "TRIS" reg. in this. but when i run MPLAB 8, TRIS reg shows but when i want to mov data in it by following syntax, it shows error when building. MOVLW 80h MOVWF TRISIO (i used...
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    how to compare 2 digits in pic16 assembly

    hi i want to compare 2 digits and check lesser or greater numbers from 2 digits in pic16xx in assembly language. need help
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    keil uvision3 timer/counter2 problem

    hi i m using kiel uvision3 in a51 mode with 8052 mcu. problem is i want to use timer 2 but wen i write MOV T2CON,#06H OR SETB TR2 etc. i doesnt accept and show it as error can anybody help me its urgent thanks in advance

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