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    How does 4 pole, triple throw switch work?

    im really confused about the operation of these kind of switched i need to use one because the toggle allows the user to choose between 3 modes of operation. can some one explain the circuit for me, im i dont know how it works, i googled but didn’t help me... :cry:
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    serial digital data network which 1

    im want to use the most fastest and most accurate digital data network? do you guys have any recommendations? like for example the CANbus or SPI or SMbus etc
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    Motorola DSP56156 simular replacement

    the Motorola DSP56156 has been discontinued, and i need to replace it with something simular to it from the same family, i don’t know how to go on about it, please help me with some guide lines :cry: this website only contains a different family the DSP563XX but not DSP561XX i want to minimise...
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    usb ethernet or serial

    hi guys, im a new engineer in search of some experienced suggestions in regards to communication methods selection, i need an opinion on choosing the most accurate (with least errors occurring) and fastest communication method. The board that im going to use has the following: Gigabit...
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    CAN Bus Filter & Masks?

    cansetfilter hi there, i have 4 node, node A node B and node C and a master node alpha node alpha is the one that wants to recive messaged from NODE A and B only say for example NODE A has a msg id of 0x020 and NODE B has a msg id of 0x030 how do i make the master node only filter msgs...
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    C18 and -pulse width modualtion-

    c18 + pwm hi everyone can someone please tell the steps that need to be taken to control a uni polar stepper motor, i want to control it by using pwm in C but i don’t know were start can someone please help me, please please :cry:
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    reading stepper motor position

    hi im programming a unipolar stepper motor in c for the pic18 device, in full step mode. one task is to get the position of the stepper, and i just can’t seem to figure out a way to do it, can someone please help me on this, im in need of professional help from u guys. thanks in advance
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    4 phase unipolar Stepper Motor?

    unipolar_stepper_motor_1_1.pdf i need to contorle this type of stepper motor with a pic18458 device in C i dont know were to begin, i really need help from u guys :cry: thank yoouuu soo much in advance guys
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    _CAN_ Programming Using _18f548_

    hi there, im a final year engineering student who is doing a project using the CAN protocol with the pic 18f548, i going to implement the network in C i was wondring if any one have resources in C about programming CAN with 18f548 thanks in advance
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    PIC Basic Pro_serout serin problem

    HI every one iv got this problem with my routine, or somthing, it dosen't seem to work this is what happens ------------------------------------------------ SO var PortB.7 BAUD CON 84 '9600 baud, no parity, true, always driven MAIN: SEROUT2 SO,BAUD,["HELLO WORLD"] PAUSE 1000...
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    Serial Communication - TCL -

    serial communication in tcl Hi all this is my serial communication routine for reading or writing HOWEVER i get the following error..please help me i need to get over this stage...i dont know wot to do. ---------CODE--------- set serial [open com1: r+] fconfigure $serial -mode "9600,n,8,1"...
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    GUI development in visual C++

    visual c++ gpib gui interface Hi every one i was wondering how to creat gui interface in visual C++, iv never created gui'z in visual C++. i need a very easy procedure to do one like to creat a simple gui with button and then program these buttons to do an event, like a quire data from a serail...
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    Smartcard Communication

    schematic seasoninterface atr How can i acquire information from a smartcard interfaced with my pc via a serial port com1. connection. The smartcard is a goldwafer which contains a PIC 16F84A and EEPROM 24C16, And the reader im using is a smartmouse/phoenix. 3rd. same post. Others deleted...
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    Can I Make Visual Basic like GUI in C

    :( i was wondering if its possible to make GUI in C like in visual basic. cause im doing a smartcard application in C and instead of using a dos like interface GUI i was wondering how too make a GUI...that would help alot...please i realy need help for this...i never did that before...and oh...
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    Please * 100000 Help..programming a goldwafer smartcard

    programmer la goldwafer how the hell can u programe can u make a program for a smartcard goldwafer...contains a a pic(16F84A) and eeprom (24c16) need any hit or procedure of how to make a program for the smart card...im saying any thing man please need u guys help...
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    HELP PLEEASE.Need help wit programming a goldwafer smartcard

    wit programming :( im a uni student and need to to make a simple program for a goldwafer smart card that contains a pic and eepro 16f84a and 24c16. any body know what are the steps that i should develop the program. im saying any program even it was like a data storage in the smartcard please...
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    PLEASE HELP: im a student in Australia, need a pic program.

    need orf card has any body please have a program for smart card, my whole year project is to do a locking system for a university, i need some sample code its the first time doing pic please i need sample code of how to program the smartcard and the reader pleeeeeeeeeease somebody. i have to...
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    HElP PLEASE IM A STUDENT IN AUSTARALIA :( need pic program.

    has any body please have a program for smart card, my whole year project is to do a locking system for a university, i need some sample code its the first time doing pic please i need smaple code of how to prgram the smartcard and the reader pleeeeeeeeeease som body. i have to use the following...
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    Help: im a student in australia and nned a PIC program

    has any body please have a program for smart card, my whole year project is to do a locking system for a university i have to use the following smart card and reader a pic 16F84 and a 24C16 EEPROM its a gold wafer smart card supplied by (silicon chip) please somebody has to me im dead. :(
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    Any Body Have 68000 basic programs

    68000 basic I Need some 68000 sample code just to learne how write good code its very hard to find on the net please somebody help :)

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