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  1. lucky6969b

    Any good C++/C#/MFC/VB/.NET/Crystal Report discussion sites?

    Hello, Recently, I discovered the MFC group was removed from MS news server. But I don't want to use google to access it because it requires my real email address. Now I want to turn to some other discussion sites available around the globe, best to be popular, could anyone recommend some...
  2. lucky6969b

    Which BIOS from the 90s is it?

    There is a very popular BIOS post screen layout in the 90s which I can't recall it is award ami or phoenix, it has a secondary table from the main one, devices were listed side by side. like you have 640K Base memory and 3192K Extended memory Hard drive has how many cylinders etc.. Does anyone...
  3. lucky6969b

    Looking for 90's Legacy VGA BIOSes info

    Any good web to recommend? I need like avance logic/S3 cards data structures io structures interrupts blah blah Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot Jack

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