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    avr timer interrupt problem

    i use mikroc compilier when i use timer interrupt . when is there timer over flow the timer interrupt function is work. but when avr cpu is return from interrupt function it's not return to the last programm adress(when intterupt is done) but it start from beganing from the main code and...
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    pcb DRY DILM problem

    pcb DRY fILM problem i buy from china negative dry film. i use soduim carbonate to developing dry film . after developing i see the copper when i put pcb in ferric chloride to etching it. the pcb is not etching because there are an Transparent layer of dry dry film " i use a correct layer...
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    strange problem pic16f877a

    i use xt 4mhz crystal and i try long time and no solution. the problem is. i make simple loop. on and off an led with 500ms delay . it work in simulation . but in my circuit it's take about 10sec to flashing led. :?:
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    avr usb asp programmer help

    avr usb avr programmer i build avr usb programmer . but i have problem i have 6 usb port in my pc . my programmer work only with 2 port. and when i connect it with other 4 port give me this "device not recognized"
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    s3c2440 maximum gpio speed

    what is s3c2440 maximum gpio io pin speed in mhz . i need gpio speed. not cpu core speed.
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    help to buy fm oscilloscope

    hii friend i want to buy oscilloscope for fm transmitter circuit. what is the features of oscilloscope to buy .
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    smps zener make me crazy

    hiii, i have a cheap smps running by one transistor. and i want to increase voltage . this transistor controlled by zener diod. but when i replace the original diod with another one. the led power in circuit make flashing. i think it flashing because i changed the zener value. when i replace...
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    i want pic programmer circuit.

    hii :-P. i want pic programmer circuit that use tx and rx . because i want to use usb to serial convertor pl2303 .
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    help in china led module

    this is low cost led module for led matrix. but i can't find pinout name for this led module
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    help mcu cortex-m family

    hello every body. i want to learning cortex-m family but i'm confused about select manfucture . i want to buy mcu and programmer and some tool . so i want what is the manfucture have alot of information and examble and book about it's mcu i want to find support if i have problem nxp or st or...
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    pcb Electroless silver plating.

    hiii. what i use with silver nitrate to plating copper with silver
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    The difference between dmips and mips

    dmips mips differrent ? stm32 are (90 mips and 64dmips at 72mhz) . i not understand anything from wiki. pleas i'm not einstein
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    Help me determine the best configuration for RF range

    hii. if i have the following 100 mhz , 1 watt transmitter 143 mhz , 1 watt transmitter 413 mhz , 1 watt transmitter 900 mhz , 1 watt transmitter 2.4 ghz , 1 watt transmitter which will be cover big area ?
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    how to make led matrix frame (display box)

    hii, how to make led display box. wood or plastic or aluminum.
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    74164 need help with led ?

    hii, i make aled matrix display but did i must use diver ( transistor ) with 74164 ? can i direct connect 74164 with led by (100 ohm resistor) .
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    i ask about plating ?

    what is different between copper plating and through hole plating .
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    problem with solder mask printing ?

    hiii, i use silk screen method for printing solder mask layer. but i have problem. how i can matching pcb layout with solder mask layer?
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    silk screen printing help

    hiiiii :grin: can i print smd tqfp 144pin by silkscreen.
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    [SOLVED] Resetting fuse bit in ATmega8

    hii . i write a wrong fuse bit for my atmega8 . and i can't programming it via my usb asp programmer . and in data sheet i find an parralel high voltage prorammer. and i find this video this high voltage can reset my fuse bit ? .
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    help in avr usb asp.

    hii , i have problem with programming atmega16 because it give me error to found chip. but when i proramming atmega8 it programming well. to programming atmega16 i must select slow clock mode to be able to programming atmga16 . but it make programming very sloooooow :x .

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