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  1. lucky6969b

    Minkowski Sum (reading recommendations)

    I need some easy reference for this topic as I am not very keen on mathematics. I have some background in discrete mathematics and computer graphics (matrix vector transformation etc) Any good references that might suit for my level of acquaintance. Thanks Jack ---------- Post added at 08:16...
  2. lucky6969b

    100-variable mathematical function approximation

    I am quite new to uni math, how can I achieve this? Is there any boilerplate method to do this? (standard algorithm and formula) Thanks Jack
  3. lucky6969b

    Partial Derivatives with many variables

    Hello, Our company requires to have some stationed application to generate/approximate a function of about 6 variables (more or less) periodically. So I think we better build a program using C++ rather than using matlab on a trial basis as it requires a license in a commercial environment...
  4. lucky6969b

    Partial Derivatives with many variables

    :D can't afford one (matlab). I have vs2008 though Jack
  5. lucky6969b

    Partial Derivatives with many variables

    If I have, say 10 variables, which comes from data captures, I want to approximate a function for it, if I take partial derivative of this function, will this be very difficult to handle or just as difficult as 2 or 3 variables partial derivatives? Thanks Jack (Math Noob)

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