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    some advice please on mains and vacuum tubes

    https://www.r-type.org/pdfs/6sl7gt.pdf These are the tubes I have, stated voltage is 250v. Mains here in the UK is 240v, and i'm not sure about plugging something which I have wired-up myself into the mains. I'd do a 12V adapter but obviously this tube is designed to work at a high voltage. I...
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    designing a lowpass filter for audio

    Hello All, I am a musician and I am branching out into electronics. I'm a fairly technically minded person, I took tech at school and got an A+ but that was years ago and I think i've forgotten everything, so i'd appreciate a bit of help designing a variable frequency lowpass filter suitable for...
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    Using a MC149CP balanced modulator chip to build a ring modulator

    my first ringmod Hello Everyone! This is my first post so, first a quick intro: I am shoe, Im from edinburgh, 23 years old. So, I'm using a MC149CP balanced modulator chip to build myself a ring modulator on breadboard. Since I am an ultimate noobie and haven't done any electronics since...

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