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    how to drive the MOSFET

    block diagram ups there are special ic's for driving mosfets....
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    where to connect the shield

    there is a return path(GND) of course but what i mean by saying earth is the third of the mains supply: Phase-Neutral-EARTH. DC adaptors dont have the earth connection. as far as i know shield is connected to earth.
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    where to connect the shield

    hi, we designed an electronic card which is supplied by a dc adapter(i.e. no safety ground connection). the card is in a box and the box is shielded. i wonder where should i connect the shield? because there is no earth connection.
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    The differences between Linear,Switching and LDO regulators

    Re: Voltage Regulators LDO: low drop out. the ouptput voltage does not change too much
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    need help to become hardware Desigener

    First determine what subject you are interested in then look for the topics in the forum. there are lots of useful tips.
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    Problems with AD7730 resolution in a weighing system design

    programming the ad7730 try to adjust the filtering parameters explained in the datasheet. there are many configurations...
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    Size of loop area on PCB

    i designed a PCB and there is a loop whose dimensions are approximately 5X10 cm. it is a DC current flowing on the loop. does cause a problem from EMC point of view and at which stage of the tests it is a problem?
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    I/O port filters for EMC

    hi everybody, i designed a circuit on which there are some I/O ports. I will have it tested for CE certificate in a few moths. some I/O ports are entering the board through MAX232 ic (RS232 interface), MC3487(rs422 interface) and some are directly go to the microcontroller (18F6527). does this...

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