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    Question about using OSPF DR and BDR

    Hi all, please clarify a doubt. i am running OSPF in 4 routers and all these four routers are converged with R1 as DR and R2 as BDR (4 routers in Broadcast environ). R3 as DRother and R4 as DRother. suppose if i am connecting a fifth router/packet generator which generates packet with DR as...
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    Cisco website Learning

    Hi, can u pl provide the link to access all the networking materials available in cisco website?? whether username and password required?? Thanks
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    Connection Details of RJ45

    Hi, can someone explain about the eight wires present in RJ45 connector?. what is the specific purpose of each wires? Thanks
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    How session layer Works?

    how session layer works Hi. Can some body explain how session layer keeps track of fragments coming for different applications?? The source port and destination port fields in TRANSPORT LAYER fragments are enough to distinguish data between applications, then y ve need seperate session layer...
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    What might be the problem If PING doesn't work?

    If PING doesnt works Hi , If i type "ping www.google.com" and if i cant receive ECHo reply, what might be the possible problems.?? Problem with ARP table or any firewall inbetween is rejecting all request???
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    Websites that give basic concepts of computer networks

    Hi friends, Can u pl give some links ,which gives basic concepts of computer networks and about various devices.??? Thanks in advance
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    Ideas on graduation topics on networks and VLSI

    Pl Help.. Hi Everybody, I like to do my graduation project in networks. So , can u pl suggest some topics ,such that it can be implemented in VLSI.... Thanks in advance..
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    Error Correcting Capability of Turbo codes???

    Hi Friends, Can u pl tell what is the error correcting and error detection capability of turbo codes...??? Thanks in advance...
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    Looking for an universal programmer software

    Hi everybody, Can someone upload file or link , which helps me to synthesis all circuits, that i code.. i mean there should be no timing violations, and the code should be synthezied, with minimum no of logic gates........
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    Three Dimentional Memory??

    Hi everybody, Whether we can create three dimentional array in verilog?. I can declare it and simulator gives no error.. But its' not synthesises... My synthesis tool gives error.. Is there any other way to use 3 D array...?
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    Online Video Lectures..

    Hello.. Can anyone give the websites where i can get the video lectures of MIT, Stanford etc..??
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    Where are the TDMA/FDMA techniques used?

    Hello friends, can somebody post where TDM, FDM are used.also where TDMA/FDMA are used. I know what these terms are.I am just asking where these techniques are used in real time world applications.?
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    Recommend me a book about Fuzzy logic applications

    Hey, can any one tell which book is best for " Fuzzy logic applications " and about neuro fuzzy.... ??? .. i am new to this field and i want to know the basics of these concepts..?? Thanks in advance.......
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    Implementing inverse circuit for binary nos

    Hey, Can anybody give the circuit/concept for implementing the inverse circuit(ie if v give x as an input , the circuit should give 1/x). ...For binary nos(digital implementation) .... Thanks in advance....
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    Implementing inverse circuit for binary nos

    Hey, Can anybody give the circuit/concept for implementing the inverse circuit(ie if v give x as an input , the circuit should give 1/x). ...For binary nos(digital implementation) .... Thanks in advance....
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    Ideas for projects about the recent networking trends

    Hi... i am a final year student and want to do a project in recent networking trends... Can any one post topics/links/ and related links... Thanks in advance...
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    Iterative decoding....

    HI, When i implement Turbo code in MATLAB and plot the graph for BER of each iteration(I computed BER after every iteration and i performed 10 iteration), i thought the plot should be monotonically decrease and reach minimum. . But to my surprise, i am getting randomly increasing and decreasing...
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    Suggest me a project topic in fuzzy or neural networks

    Hey, I am a final year student and, going to do project in fuzzy (or neural networks). can any one suggest good topic , which is currently in research and very interesting...?? Thanks in advance,
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    Looking for 64 bytes RAM library files for my design

    Hey, i need RAM library files for my design.. Is there any site , where i can get it..? Is there library file for 64 bytes RAM..?..
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    Need help in TURBO project...

    Hey, Is there anybody doing/done project in TURBO coding (both encoder and decoder).. I am having doubts in Real time implementation... IF u r doing, pl mail me.. Lot to discuss.. My ID is svenkatesan123@yahoo.co.in

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