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    C code for fingerprint extraction and matching

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but its been more than 6 years and has anyone found any C code for a fingerprint recognition system yet? I have also tried converting the matlab code but some of them matlab functions such as bwlabel and regionprops are not supported by the Matlab Coder for...
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    PWM (Duty Cyc;e) PIC16F877A to MD22

    From your code, If pins A2 and A3 are 00, then C0 will be low for 2 ms and high for 1.5 ms. This gives a duty cycle of 1.5/(2+1.5) = 42.8% If A2, A3 are 01, then you have C0 low for 2 ms and high for 1 ms giving you a duty cycle of 1/3 = 33.33% If you want 50% duty cycle, just change the delay...
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    Matlab code for MIMO-OFDM including BER, SNR, reyleigh. etc

    Hi I am trying to simulate a MIMO scattering wireless channel model using simulink. I have posted a new thread here https://www.edaboard.com/threads/250219/#post1070209 If anyone has any code or simulink model that can help me, Thanks
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    MIMO scattering wireless channel model in simulink

    Hi, I am currently working on a mini-project which is related to performance evaluation of a MIMO scattering wireless channel model using simulink. I am not sure where exactly should I start. Shall I start with Adaptive MIMO System with OSTBC demo or OSTBC Over 3x2 Rayleigh Fading Channel demo...

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