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    The latest topic in the field of Embedded design and RTOS

    seminar topic hai ppl, I was just wondering if you guys could suggest a latest topic in the field of Embedded design and RTOS on which to present a seminar... Thank you in advance, -Pavan
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    Looking for information about PSOC

    PSOC... hello people, Does anyone have any information on PSOC- Programmable System on Chip.. We thought of presenting a seminar on the same in our college... So any sort of additional information you guys could share could be of help... Also if you guys have any other...
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    uCOS-II source codes, where to get?

    ucos-ii Hello friends, I'm new to RTOS....and as the myriad of people suggested am starting of with uCOS.... Wanted to know where i can get the source codes of uCOS-II... I have the e-book by Jean Labrosse.... Any link would suffice... or if anyone has it and it's feasible to be sent via...

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