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    Designing an amplipier

    amplipier Hello, OK, I know how to analyze an amplifier circuit with transistors. but how do I design an amplifier ??? how do i decide which type of transistor to use ??? what is the value of each resistor, capasitor & coil....??? are there any ground rules ?? or is trying until hitting...
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    ESD smart-talk question....

    ESD question.... Hi all.... Can anyone tell me anything about this sentence : " Safe Class I, II, III Division 1, Group D, F, G. Approved for Non-Incendive use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D " It suppose to be some kind of standard taliking about sparks that RF transmitters...
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    RF Amplifier @ 200MHz

    bf199 amplifier Hi ... I want to build a 30 dB RF amplifier for VHF range (from -40dBm to -10dBm), so I use two stages of 15dB CE transistor amplifier(BF199) . Every stage work great @ 200MHz , but when I connect them together..the signal is distorted !!!!!!!! I try to connect many...
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    Design Balun Transformer for a TV trasmitter

    Design Balun Transformer Hello, I need a Balun Tranformer for a TV trasmitter that I'm building . I can't find it here at any store, and it takes too long time to order . So, I want do design it !!!! If you have any information,links,data......about designing - please send me . Thanks, Zachi
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    DataSheets for TDA5660P & TDA5664 by Siemens

    siemens saw filters Hi, I didn't find much information, only one pdf that don't have all the info. Anything you may have will be great tnks

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