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    Gunn transceiver sensor

    hello guys, Is anyone used Gunn transceiver sensor developed by microsemi. I am using MO9081 gunn transceiver. i would like to know how to test the gunn transceiver and how to check the speed variation through that sensor. i also need to know the connection setting for that transceiver...
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    [SOLVED] stepper motor interface

    Hello guys i am trying to interface P89v51 rd2 controller with stepper motor. i had bought the stepper motor with drive. please see the specification of stepper motor in below mentioned link. Stepper motor...
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    [SOLVED] counter using external interrupt

    i need to count number of time the LED gets turned off... for that i had used external interrupt... but the problem is when i call the interrupt the count increases by 2 when led turned on and it increase again 2 when turned off. In debugger mode my program works prefectly.. but while...
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    [SOLVED] conveyor object counting

    in this below mentioned code the count gets keep on increasing wen led is turned off. but i need to increase the counter only once wen led turned off till it get turned on if(LED1 == 0) { value++; Count = value; UserMessageStorage[4]=...
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    [SOLVED] How to increase the range of IR

    I had used BC108 to detect the object using IR receiver and transmitter. my circuit is working properly but the problem the IR can able to detect object only for the distance less than 1n half Centimeter btw Rx and Tx. Is there any specific IR i need to use to increase the Range or else can...
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    [SOLVED] Object counting in conveyor

    Hello guys i am designing a simple conveyor system. I using 12 VDC motor with 1500 rpm Now my problem is, i need to count the no of objects place in the belt on the run time. I thought of using IR to count objects, but dono how to get start. so guys pls help... if there is any other better...
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    [SOLVED] Lynxmotion ALA5 arm robo help plzzzzzz..

    Does any one have idea how to program Lynxmotion ALA5 robo arm for simple pick and drop operation. Is it possible to make a sequence running in a loop using AL5A that arm need to pick a object from one place and drop it on other place using lynx SSC-32 terminal software. If means wats de...
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    [SOLVED] how to program to rotate 3 pin dc servo motor in anti clock wise direction using keil

    Hello friends, I am using AT 89s52 µcontroller to control 3 pin dc servo motor. now the problem is i cant able to rotate motor in anti clockwise. so any one kindly help me , how to program in keil IDE to rotate motor in anti clock direction pulse on time 18 ms and off time 2 ms. tks in adv guys
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    [SOLVED] Timer calculation for 89s52

    Hello friends need an help. i am new to micro controller stuffs. I need to generate a pulse of total 20ms with 2ms on time and 18ms off time using 89s52 with crystal frequency of 11.059MHz and 12 clk cycle using timer zero to run 3 pin dc servo motor Now how can i calculate TH0 and TL0. is der...

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