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    output of digital filter to analog signal

    thanks FvM, your first guess is right, there was problem with voltage setting on the ADC.
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    output of digital filter to analog signal

    Hi, i have a digital filter in vhdl. i applied sinusoid signal to the filter through an ADC and wanted to convert back the filter output to analog but I get rectified output from DAC. How to convert the digital filter output to analog signal with positive and negative swing? thanks!
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    dds blocks phase accumulator and lut

    For BASK, perhaps DDS might not be needed(not sure). Sine table is stored in ROM, the output of this is fed to a mux that is used for selecting the amplitude value for ASK. The output of mux then goes to DAC. The output of DAC would be either sine or nothing hence BASK signal. I think DDS...
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    Op Amp voltage input question

    hi, @audioguru your comment led to me to rethink that i did some mistake in my schematic. thanks for that. The problem is solved as I said. Regarding traces, I thought it was obvious. The yellow was the input signal and the blue was the distorted output and the other two were not used. But I...
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    Op Amp voltage input question

    - the resistor value are fine because i already did try 10k and even other resistor values - compensation i didn't try because i thought this would not be much of a problem - I tried other 741 op-amp in proteus(eg. LM741) which gave me the same problem - simulation model problem? Most of the...
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    Op Amp voltage input question

    the input frequency is 2KHz.
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    Op Amp voltage input question

    Hi. I am simulating op amp 741 configured as unity gain inverter in proteus. When the signal input is ac signal with 10mV amplitude the output signal is ok but when the amplitude is 1V I get distorted output waveform as shown in the figure(2) below. Can anybody explain how to correct this...
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    colpitt oscillator problem

    i think the circuit just does not work for such high frequency
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    colpitt oscillator problem

    i think something is wrong with calculation but this is what i wanted to ask here
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    colpitt oscillator problem

    the transistor was biased to give voltage gain of 10. Ic was taken as 10mA. running simulation shows no detectable current Ic and dc voltage across Vc point.
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    colpitt oscillator problem

    hi, i am trying to simulate colpitt oscillator in Proteus. the circuit is supposed to work for 100MHz. following is the schematic diagram. it is not working, i see only decreasing oscillating signal at the output. i also doubt the value of C1 and C6 capacitor values, how are the value of...
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    proteus plot in 100MHz range

    hi, i wanted to plot signal FT at 100MHz range in proteus but then it crashes, does anybody know any solution to this?
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    difference between 2N3563 and PN3563

    hi, is there difference between 2N3563 and PN3563? thanks
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    difference between DAC1408 and DAC0808

    Hi, Is there difference between DAC1408 and DAC0808. Can they be used interchangeably?
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    proteus crystal oscillator question

    hi, the crystal oscillator seems not working in Proteus, there is no signal out from the crystal oscillator component. i placed a voltage probe at all the pins around it. can i solve this problem? thanks
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    register header for tasking 3000

    hi, how is register header defined for tasking 3000? thanks
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    8051 mode0 serial trans problem

    it is not working
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    8051 mode0 serial trans problem

    the code is not working i only get the clock signal but not the data. why there is TI=1 two times and TI =0 two times? #include <reg51.h> void main(void) { SCON=0x00; TI=1; while(1) { SBUF=0x05; TI=1; while(TI==0); TI=0; TI=0; } } thanks
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    8051 mode0 serial trans problem

    hi, i am trying to use the mode 0 serial transmission mode of 8051 microcontroller but it is not working. what value of SCON register must be placed in order to use it? i have used scon = 0x00; is this correct? thanks
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    testing bits in vhdl within if statement

    Hi, is there any better way to write the following in vhdl: if ((x(0)='0' or x(1)='0' or x(2)='0' or x(3) = '0') and (y(0)='0' or y(1)='0' or y(2)='0' or y(3) = '0')) then thanks

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