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    Electron concentration density in the channel layer - SILVACO

    Yes, it's from the sol.str file. If we see the cutline of the structure, we can see this electron concentration. I never use probe, maybe will try after this. Thanks for the idea =)
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    Input and Output Reflection of LNA

    Hi, I had designed a single stage LNA. The input and output reflection is shown in the attachment. I'm not really sure about my design, so from this S11 plots in smith chart... can somebody tell if it make sense to get an input/output reflection coeefficient like this? Thanks
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    C-interpreter functions in silvaco

    Hi, Anyone can guide me about C-interpreter functions to modified the physical models in Silvaco? I refer to ATLAS manual and the call function is activated using UNIX command. I'm using ATLAS in Windows..so, have problem to call the functions. Thank you
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    Impact ionization in hemt

    Hi, I tried to apply impact ionization in simulation of hemt design. I applied the following command, but seems nothing different. is that true, or my simulation is wrong? How to actually define the impact to be very close to the channel of the hemt? 1. impact selb 2. impact selb an1=2e26...
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    Electron concentration density in the channel layer - SILVACO

    Hi everyone, I want to view the electron density (cm-2)in pHEMT structure. So far what I did was using the menu --> tool/integrate and i got the following pic. I tried to compare the value with calculation..but I got different answer. N2deg=((ε_0 ε_S)/(qd^* ))(Vgs -Vt) Can anyone explain...
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    Silicon delta doped layer in phemt

    Hi timof, Thanks for giving the Silicon+boron (doping) example. Now it make sense to me =)
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    Silicon delta doped layer in phemt

    I'm doing simulation of phemt using ATLAS SILVACO. I refer to the HEMT examples database in SILVACO; why is the delta doped material defined as the same material of the Supply and Spacer layer (AlGaAs) when it should be a Silicon doping layer? why it's not defined as Silicon? Anyone can help...

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