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    Thermal materials with low thermal resistance, high melting point, and non conductive

    Hi everyone. I am working on a project, require to build a heat sink with non-conductive material. Are there any materials on the market, with low thermal resistance, high melting point (>1000C) like metal, but non-conductive? Thanks.
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    Question about the amplifier spurious/noise

    Hi I have a question about my RF amplifier design. When I feed it with a single tone CW signal, the output frequency spectrum has a strange response, as shown in the attachment. Basically, the spurious noise is about -30 dBc below the carrier frequency. The RF carrier frequency is at 6 GHz...
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    lump-port in HFSS for stripline

    hfss stripline port Hi, everyone. I have a simple question about the lump-port assignment for stripline in HFSS. It shows me that if I draw the lump-port from one side of the ground-plane (bottom, for example) to the stripline, and assigned the integration line along the center of the port...
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    Phase Shifter in 5 GHz for WiFi applications.

    Phase Shifter in 5 GHz Hi, everyone. I have a question about the Phase Shifter in 5 GHz for WiFi applications. It seems most of the digital phase shifters in this frequency range have large insertion loss (>3 dB) and low power handling. I am wondering whether there are some high-end phase...
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    Tx/Rx Diplexer after the antenna in cell phone

    Hi, everyone. I have a question about the Tx/Rx diplexer/duplexer after the antenna in the cell phone? Is it a switch or a full-diplexer comprising of filters? What is the size of these diplexers, and how is the performances of them (loss...)? Thanks.
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    question about Agilent/HP VNA output

    Hi, everyone. I have a question about the Agilent/HP network analyzer output. There are totally 4 different files for the same measurement: *.d1 (data), *.f1 (formatted), *.r1 (raw), *.s1 (S-parameter) But I found that the data in *.s1 are arranged as a matrix, with the magnitude as dB and...
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    Gain measurements smaller than simulation 1.5dB

    Hi, I have a question about HFSS patch antenna array simulation. For a normal 16 elements patch array I simulate in HFSS, the gain is about 1.5dB lower than that in a anechoic chamber measurement. What kinds of factors would possibly drop the gain? For example, is it due to feed loss, chip...
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    are there any ways to calculate the array pattern in HFSS

    Hi, all. I have a question about HFSS. For example, right now I have simulated a antenna element and get its radiation patterns. Are there any ways for me to calculate a antenna array based on this element by just using the simple vector summation in HFSS, if no mutual coupling is considering...
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    How to increase the E/H vector plot arrow number in HFSS?

    Hi, all, I have a question about ploting the E/H filed vector in HFSS. It shows to me that the number of arrow to represent the field are too little. Can I increase the number of arrows? I cannot find that everywhere in the Modify attribute in Version 11
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    calibrated circular-pol antenna?

    Hi, all. I am going to measure a circular-pol antenna, and have a question about the calibration. Where can I find some calibrated circular-pol standard antennas for calibration? I found some dual-pol antenna, but it requires extra 90 degree coupler to generate circular-polarization. So I am...
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    which books are best for LNA, PA designs?

    Hi, I have a question about the LNA and PA designs. Right now which books are best for the amplifier design at RF/microwave ranges? It should not only include the basic formula, but also the pros and cons of the up-to-date techniques. It is also better to include some practical measurement...
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    Hi, I am wondering in the microwave frequencies, what is the difference between gold plated and nickel plated? Does gold plated have less conductive loss? Thanks.
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    edge-mounting connector for 25mil Roger 6010 board

    roger 6010 Hi, I have a question about the edge-mounting connector for 25 mil roger 6010 board. Since the 50 ohm microstrip line width is about 0.6mm, it seems the pads for the single pin of connector should be larger than the microstrip line width. However, I found that in the HFSS...
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    Practical question about SMA on PCB

    edge-launch sma Hi, everyone. I have a practical question about mounting a SMA connector on a multilayer PCB. The PCB has two substrate and 3 copper layer, with top and bottom as signal layer, and intermediate as GND layer. And I want to mount the SMA connector on the PCB, with the signal pin...
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    recommendations of SMT resistor for up to 10GHz

    Hi, everyone. I am wondering whether you guys have any recommendations (brands) of SMT resistor that can be used in microwave frequency up to 10 GHz? Thanks.
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    recommendation PCB layout for SMT resistor

    0402 resistor dimensions Hi, everyone. I am going to make a PCB with a wikinson power divider, which includes a SMT 100 Ohm resistor. For the 0402 resistor, I got the dimension of it from the data sheet, for example 1mm length and 0.5mm width. But there is no recommends of the PCB pads. My...
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    network analyzer non-50ohm measurement

    citifile to matlab Hi, everyone. I have a simple question about using the HP8753 VNA to do the S-parameter measurements. It seems the reference impedance is 50 ohm, how can I change it to 100ohm reference system and get the S-parameters based on 100 ohm? If yes, can I just use the same...
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    Trial software based on GTD/PTD/GO

    Hi, everyone. I am a college student in US. Right now I am doing project which needs a EM software based on Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (GTD)/Physical Theory of Diffraction (PTD)/Geometrical Optics (GO). I am wondering whether there are some trial version of the EM softwares I can...
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    switch circuit at 2GHz?

    Hi, everyone. I have a question about the switch circuit at 2GHz for antenna arrays. What types of switch devices I should use at this frequency range, PIN diode, FET or anything else? The other question is that: are there any specifications to design the low-frequency control circuits on...
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    questions about buried via in Protel DXP

    Hi, everyone. I have some questions about drawing buried vias connecting two conducting plates on a 4-layer PCB by using Protel DXP. My questions are: 1. How can I define the buried via connecting ground plane and intermediate copper layer with square conducting patches on it? Actually it...

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