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    Endcap, Decap, Subcap - material, the functionality of them

    end cap cells Hello Guys, Does any one has material regarding Endcap, Decap or Subcap then please share. Or can anyone tell me the functionality of them ? I really need it. Please share it. Thanks in advance Hardik
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    CTS question in Astro - how do we specify "separate tre

    CTS question in Astro Hi guys, I am new in Astro. I was using Magma tool previously. I want to know that how do we specify "separate tree" in asto. I want to specify separate clock tree for macros. Please help me. - Hardik
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    The information about the Flip-Chip

    Hi, Can any one give me the material regarding to the flip chip. What is flip chip ?? Please let me know ASSP. Thanks Hardik
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    Suggestions of materials about crosstalk

    Can any body provide me the good material on Cross-talk. I want to elaborate why Buffeinin and resizing the cell can help to reduce the crosstalk. Pleas provide me good material on that. Thanks Hardik
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    Material on Clock Tree Synthesis in Magma

    Can any body provide me the material on Clock Tree Synthesys of Magma.. It should be in deep It should include all the topics like - clock phase - skew phase - skew group - generated clock - skew anchor etc Its urgent please .... Thanks in advance Hardik
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    Looking for TSMC Library for 90nm and 130nm technology

    Hi all... Rt now I have Library of TSMC 180n technology Is any body have the library of 90nm or 130nm technology ??? or advance than 180nm technology ??? Please reply as soon as possible Thanking of u Hardik Desai
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    Explanation of DRC violations in Magma

    Hello all Rt now i am working in Magma...Blast Fusion In magma, in the routing stage we are checking for DRC. There are many types of DRC violations like - spaces - shorts - notch - island - end of line - via overhang etc. but i dont know what each violations are.. can any body explain all...
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    Explanation of the Elmore Delay

    Hi everyone !!! Can any buddy tell me what is elmore delay ??? Can any buddy give me material regarding to that. Thak you Hardik Desai
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    Magma Training material

    Hi all I am working as physical design engineer. I am working in Magma tool Can anyone send me the Magma Training material which can be useful to understand Magma concept. I will also wish some Magma labs taken by experts. Thank you all Hardik Desai
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    Explanation of three types of latencies

    Hi I know the meaning of latency and i also know there are three types of layency, 1. Source Latency 2. Network Latency 3. I/O latency But can anyone please explain in detail each of three. And i aslo want material regarding to Latency Thanks Hardik Desai
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    How many types of clock trees are there ??

    how many types of clock Hi I am working in Magma. Can any boudy tell me how many types of clock trees are there in Magma and among which clock-tree is best. Please reply Thanks in advance Haradik Desai
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    ESP (early silicon performance)

    Can any body tell me what is ESP (early silicon performance) in Magma flow ?? And at which stage it is done ?? Thanks in advance Hardik Desai
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    Magma Tool concept of Blast fusion

    Hi ! Can any body give me information regarding to the Magma concept of Blast fusion?? What is Gain based synthesis ? Early silicon performance ? Fixed timing methodology ? Logical effort ?

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