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    High freq EMC filter.

    My latest product went to EMC testing and failed miserably. I run the circuit from 115VAC and a long cord. I will test soon, but my gut says that the noise is comming in on the 115. Has anyone built a circuit(filter) for such a problem? The EMC high freq test is a steel plate driven by a...
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    pull-down for FDV301N N-FET

    I have a relay that is driven from a PIC 18F452. It is driven with a FDV301N N-FET. I've put a 10k in series with the uC pin to limit current to the FET. NOW I want to put a pull-down on the pin for when the micro-controller is in reset and the pin is set as input. so I don't want the input to...
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    analog mux for RS232 RS485

    rs232 mux Has anyone used something like a mpc508 to mux a signal to different devices? https://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/mpc508.pdf I'd like to use the same 4 wire RJ for either pwr,gnd,RS232 TX, RS232 RX. or pwr,gnd,RS485 A, RS485 B So I wanted to know if some kind of mux exits for a...
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    Help identify hardware Agilent 54 Q9843 0328

    c6734-60161a I have a motor and arbor from an HP scanner. HP circuit board c6734-60161A The motor has a shaft encoder on the end. It looks to be optical and single channel. The wire colors are BR,G,Y,R,O,Black How can I figure what the other wires are? I only have common bench equipment...

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