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    .Lib and .Dll in MATLAB

    Hello every one. i have .lib and .dll files, can any one tell me how can i access it in MATLAB? or whats the procesure to access it...? am waiting for your answers. thanks
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    Analog Signal Processing by Ramón Pallás-Areny, John G. Webster

    Hello i need the book Analog Signal Processing by Ramón Pallás-Areny, John G. Webster, if any one have pls do tell me or share the links. i will be very thankul to you all Regards
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    difference between Ground reference and ground earth

    Hello can any one tell me difference between Ground reference and ground earth.Single ended signal? thanks
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    separate frames from the video

    Hello how can we separate frames from the video...plz tell me ani 1 knwn Thanx Regards Adnan
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    sampling frequency from sampling period

    sampling frequency hello How to find the sampling frequency Fs from a given wave or signal?? thanx Regards Adnan
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    video represented as signal in Matlab

    video in Matlab can we represent a video as a signal in Maltab????
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    MATLAB - need help with Speech Enhancement project

    MATLAB Hello...please tell that when we take data from audio in MATLAB...in MATLAB it represnt in samples??? and also tell me the range of that samples... Thanx Regards
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    Is it possible to calculate power of White Gausian noise?

    white noise Helllo.. please tell me Is it possible to calculate the power of White Gauusian noise??? if yes then Howw???
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    I need help to calculate the SNR at output of ICA

    SNR of ICA Hello.. I need help to calculate the SNR at output of ICA ..please tell me if any one done this ...so that i can tell my problem.... waiting for your reply.. thanx Regards Adnan
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    Scatter - implemented example of MATLAB doesn't work

    Scatter hello I have signal a vector X =(400 x 1),and Y=(400 x 1)...i plot it Scatter ..of different Colours...please can u tell me how...i saw a example of MATLAB n implement it,ut i doesn't work...please tell me how can i do it
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    Need Help in ICA- seperate the Mixed Noise

    Need Help in ICA Hello...i m working On ICA ..i just start to work on that ,i get the Basic Knowledge of ICA but please tell me that How many Techniques in ICA to seperate the Mixed Noise...? and in which Technique of ICA we also implement PCA...?..please do reply ...m waiting for your...
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    Noise generating Functions in MATLAB..?

    Noise Functions..? Hello... m new in using MATLAB....plz tell the all Build in functions which add Noises ....such AWGN etc....
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    Time Frequency Masking

    hello... Please tell me about Time Frequency Masking.... thanx
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    berouti Spectral Subtraction

    plz any one ahve the implementation steps for berouti Spectral Subtraction..i need it badly...plz help me .... thanx..
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    Information about the Musical Noise

    Hello... please tell me about Musical Noise ...i search a lot on Google ..but i cant get,.. thanx regards
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    What are the main advantages of SOFDMA over OFDM?

    Hello... please tell me about SOFDMA ...what are the main advantages og SOFDMA over OFDM ...
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    Help me start a final year project on PHY layer simulation of WiMAX

    Hello.. i m doing my final year project in PHY layer simulation of WiMAX..i do not know from where i start that ...please help me
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    How to obtain the window's frame length for a signal?

    Hello, i want to create a windows size for my signal .so that i need a frame ...please tell how can i find the frame length.? regards adnan
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    What are steps of using Spectral Subtraction Method and function for it?

    Hello to all members.... i need help in ..Speech Enhancement Using Spectral Subtraction method my question is ... (i) What are steps using to do Spectral Subtraction Method ...... (ii) if we use Function for Spectral Subtraction [OUT,PO]=SS(IN,FS,P) Please tell...
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    Beginning Linux Programming

    linux programming solutions manual Hello i need a solution manual of Beginning Linux Programming 3rd Edition by Neil Matthew, Richard Stones plz ani 1 have upload it

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