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    [SOLVED] High Speed CMOS Rail-to-Rail IO OpAmp Design and Simulation in Cadence IC 6.1.3

    Dear all members and analog IC designers.. I am student attending final course, now I am using Cadence IC and want to simulate to design rail-to-rail OpAmp using design kit gpdk045 (45nm) .I want to simulate the OpAmp from the following articles.First of all I want to simulate the input stage...
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    Centos 5.4 ,Cadence IC6.1 and Model Library

    I am new user in Linux and Cadence IC.Now i have installed IC6.1 and MMSIM61 on Centos 5.4.But i cannt not do any ckt simulation becoz of model library.I read many topic about it, but i am not sure ,which Design kit is good for Analog Design Environment. I have downloaded NCSU design kit ,but...
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    How to install Wine package on Centos 5.3

    I am new user in Linux, I am not familiar with Linux before.Please help me I want to install TrafInspAg On Centos 5.3, this is with .msi file extension . this is used in Window to get Internet connection.Now I want to get internet connection in Centos 5.3.I have read a few topic for that, but...
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    installscape problem for installation IC6 OnCentos5

    installscape java when i install IC6 on Centos5 , i got this message . pls help me . Does anyone know how i fix this? I get no GUI and it just goes to command line. Extracting InstallScape version for platform lnx86 in /opt/InstallScape ./SETUP.SH: line 814: uncompress: command not found...

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