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    IS VLSI going to replace DSP processors

    Oh its almost year now... what is current status of this problem?
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    Need the solution manual to VLSI for Digital Signal Processing by K K Parhi

    Urgent:help needed even i need this book !
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    ebook of Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing

    image processing ya there are many books in eda...but which is best for beginner ?
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    mtlab code for finding number of pixel

    thinning matlab thanks :) .. i hav to code algorithms in c lang.. what is best way to start ?
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    mtlab code for finding number of pixel

    thinning algorithm matlab What is thinning algorithm ? I am new to dsp .. n i am interested to learn algorithms... plz help me to get started :)
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    ebook of Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing

    digital image processing by anil.k.jain download whr i can find softcopy of this book ?
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    Video lectures ... DSP

    thanks for link :) I was luking for pdfs ...can anyone upload basic dsp algorithm /.
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    multiplication of two numbers

    boss ....+ve numbers r not complemented !! only -ve number r written in 2's complement form Added after 8 minutes: 11111111---> represents -1 ...u cant complement "11111111" as it is out of range !!..... +ve numbers r 00000000 to 011111111 ie 0 to 2^7-1 n -ve number r -1 to -2^7 ie...
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    multiplication of two numbers

    plz explain clearly ... i am still confused !! is 2^16 maximum ? when will i get 2^16 as product ?? As the range of numbers is 2^7-1 to -2^7
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    multiplication of two numbers

    Hi friends ... When two numbers r represented in 2's complement form n they r of 8bit length !!.. What r Maximum and minimum values of product of these two numbers?
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    Resources for beginner in microcontroller programming

    beginner Hi friends ... for beginners ..u shud hav knowlegde abt microprocessor 8085 ..for this Ramesh Goankar is best book after that 8051 is almost same ... for better n efficient programing ... knowledge abt architecture n instruction set is must ...... for 8051-- Mazidi n mazidi for...
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    Check my simple physics task for calculating weight

    Re: Simple physics yes totally agreed with steve .... weight will change when u r moving in lift i.e m(g±a) it should b along the direction of g or against g

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