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    Quadrotor Design Help

    Hello I am doing a project on "Quadrotor Control System in case of a propeller failure". It's aim is to make an emergency landing of the quadrotor in case of a failure of a propeller. But I do not have any idea on how to build a quadrotor from scratch. Please do help me on how to build a...
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    Project Topics Help for BE

    Hello I am currently doing my Final Year BE in Electronics and Communication and need help in shortlisting some good topics for my final year project. I am interested in Embedded Systems, Industrial Automation and surrounding topics. Thank You.
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    Application for Estimation of Muscle Forces

    Hello I am doing my final year project on "A Neural Network Embedded System for Real-time Estimation of Muscle Forces" . But I am not getting a suitable application for the same where i can use this in the real world. Please do suggest me some good useful applications if possible in "HEALTH...
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    [Moved] Sub divisions or domains in embedded systems

    Hi I am studying 6th semester Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and Communication. I am interested in doing a project in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS as i am good in Microcontrollers, Processors and C Programming. However i do not know the sub divisions / domains under Embedded Systems and hence...

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