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    Vector/scalar modes in IE3D simulation software

    Need Help in IE3D Hi All, OK, just to the point, based on reference the circular polarization is occurs due to combination of two mode of current with difference phase of 90 degree and equal amplitude. The question is can I see vividly in IE3D simulation software this two distinct mode of...
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    current phase different in IE3D

    Hi all, I'm designing a CP slot antenna, so it's important to get know the excitation current phase on the slot. I'm simulating it using IE3D, so can I get information about it (in graph) for example the phase different between the two slot. I hope someone could give me full explanation on it...
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    Question about slot antenna

    slot antenna finite ground plane Hi all, I'm sorry to ask... but I hope there's someone in this forum who have experience in designing slot antenna. OK, as mentioned, I'm trying to design the slot antenna which feed by microstrip line. The question are: - First for the feed line, from the...
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    truncated-corner square patch for CP

    Hi, Is there anyone here that have dealed with truncated-corner square patch for circular polarization? If yes, I hope he/she would kindly help me: My question is (from known material parameters and original patch size and its resonant freq) how you can define the truncated size that will...
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    [req] Microwave Journal paper

    mwjournal circular polarized patch antenna design Hi, Can anyone help me to get this article: A Design Procedure for a Circular Polarized, Nearly Square Patch Antenna S.K. Lee, A. Sambell, E. Korolkiewicz, S.F. Loh, S.F. Ooi and Y. Qin Microwave Journal...
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    multiband vs wideband

    Hi, Need your help about this matter... For microstrip antenna there is some techniques/methods to generate multi-frequency or enhance the bandwidth of the antenna... I see some of those techniques are relatively the same, for instance slot could be used to generate multifreq and also widen...
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    How to do optimization in IE3D?

    Hi, Can anyone give me a hint for this matters... currently, I'm designing a multi-frequency patch antenna using IE3D... I've already got the frequencies, but not good enough... so I want to improve it using the "optimizations" tools in the IE3D... what parameters I should set for this...
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    How to add shorting pin in IE3D

    shorting pin in ie3d Hi, Can anyone please give me a hint to add shorting pin in IE3D (MGrid) for microstrip antenna...? thanx
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    What's the permeability value of dielectric material?

    Hi, Dielectric material that's been used in microstrip antenna, one of it's important parameter is the permittivity (dielectric constant), ε. How about it's permeability, µ? Is this value is nothing to care of... Because usually it didn't mention about it. I wonder actually for dielectric...
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    [ask] Antenna parameters

    Hi, I'm sorry if my question "tickle" you... it's because I really don't understand it well, I'd read some reference but still don't find good explanation on it (looks like the problem is on me) OK, here are my questions: 1. Some mention 'bout the parameter of antenna as S11, S22, S12, S21...
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    [ask] determine bandwidth in IE3D

    Hi, I'm using IE3D to simulate patch antenna... I have get the S11 return loss simulation result, but I don't know how to determine the bandwidth of this antenna from it resonant freq. can anyone give me a clue how to figure it out this bandwidth... thanx...
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    [ask] 'bout harmonic wave

    Hi, I hope I post in the right forum... OK, I have a question about harmonic wave... could any one explain to me "time harmonic wave" and "non time harmonic wave" mean and definition, and please give me an example of them? Thanks in advance...
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    [Need Help] Using IE3D

    Hi, I'm just start to use IE3D to simulate microstrip antenna... and I have problem on it, I hope someone here could help me... when I tried to add probe fed, it ask of several parameters: like its radius or number of segment. What should (best value) I should input? when I tried input some...

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