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    high and low quality factor

    hi , is it typically better to use high Q component and not low Q?Resonances may be pushed away of the frequency of interest ??
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    PCB printing Spiral inductor

    pcb printing Hi , Do anyone Know how to print a spiral inductor that have a 0.025 mm width on a pcb ??do I need special equipments ? plz help me and 10x in advance ...
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    ADS DXF layout design does not work - help needed

    ads dxf file i have a layout design on ads .. i exported it to dxf format.. i used many pcb software ( proteus , pads , cam350) to import the dxf file but it doesn't work ?! :S anyone can help me ?
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    Can 0.5dB S11 cause oscillation in an LNA design?

    i am desingin an LNA at 500 MHz .. S11 is under zero for all frequencies except at 1.3 GHz it's 0.5 dB . Is there any risk of oscillation for this small value of S11 ???
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    coplanar interdigital capacitor

    i want to simulate coplanar interdigital capacitor on ads . i am finding microstrip capacitor only ...does anywone know how to simulate coplanar interdigital capacitor on ads or on any other simulation program????plz help me
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    crystall oscillator design

    Hello I want to know how to generate a square wave using a 40Mhz crystall oscillator on ADS.

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