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    dsp code generation of simulink model using rtw

    Well i have been trying to generate c code for dsk c6416 for my final year project but it gives the following error. The model contains non inlined s functions not suited for the target.Please remove them. If someone is acquianted with such a problem please mention a solution.
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    final year projects.........

    i am a final year be electrical engineering student and have to select the project within this week. I have got some interest in communication theory. Suggest me some projects
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    suggestions for fyp based on ofdm technology

    mention some with little detail
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    cisco regional academies in islamabad

    academies in islamabad any ideas
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    difference b/w wifi and wimax

    wifi and wimax difference any information most welcome
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    characteristics of yagi antennas

    Can anyone give some information on that
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    Any information about 802.11n

    Give Material to study
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    Introductory information about WiMax

    how to introduce myself to this technology
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    ideas for ug semester project in communications using matlab

    Re: ideas for ug semester project in communications using ma tell me about simulation about wireless systems using matlab
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    ideas for ug semester project in communications using matlab

    final semester projects inmatlab reply as soon as possible

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