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    [SOLVED] simulation with impedance or admittance elements in ADS

    convert admittance to impedance Hi, everyone, I have a question about simulation using impedance or admittance elements in ADS. I have already obtained the admittance matrix, in my case, it is a symmetrical 3*3 matrix, which can be written as [ Y11,Y12,Y13; Y12,Y11,Y13; Y13,Y13,Y33]; then...
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    problems found in HFSS 11

    hi everyone, I have tried the HFSS11 for a while, there is a problem I met. when I export the Z0 and Gamma as a .M file, there is always a ']' missed. I heard there is a final version of HFSS11, I don't know whether this problem has been solved in this version?
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    how to use HFSS in Matlab

    hi I have a problem which has troubled me for a long time, How can I use Matlab as a controller of HFSS, and control the modeling, simulation and more, output the result to Matlab by which I can process it easily. I have used VBScript to run HFSS, but I don't know how Matlab use HFSS or...
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    how to use HFSS Field Calculator

    hfss field calculator I installed the HFSS10, I don't know very well how to use HFSS Field Calculator, when I click the Export or write button , always a error occurs. is there any one has met the similar problem or knows more details about this Field Calculator.thanks

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