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    [SOLVED] Mosfet switch to control the signal flow

    Please see the attached. So I will have this signal (6V pkp) coming from the IC and at some point in time I need to switch it ON/OFF so that the amplifier does not get any signal for a very short period of time, I assume I need some fast switch that can handle switching in micro seconds...
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    [SOLVED] Mosfet switch to control the signal flow

    I don't want to rectify the signal, I just simply want to be able to control whether its going through a cable or not. There is only one signal which is received from the sonic sensors and just before amplification, I wish to mute the signal path. Basically I want to control when the received...
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    [SOLVED] Mosfet switch to control the signal flow

    I would need unidirectional. I simply want to switch off the flow of the signal in one direction at certain points in time.
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    [SOLVED] Mosfet switch to control the signal flow

    Dear friends, I'd like some expert advise on how to pass the signal through a PMOS or NMOS device. I have a signal to be blocked and let through only when I need it. The signal to be controlled is a 5Vpkp sine and I want it to be stopped at particular periods during operation. I have tried some...
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    Ultrasonic Transducer driver circuit

    Hi guys, I decided to work on a project which involves some work with low power ultrasonic transducers at 40kHz. I know how to implement these sensors to work just as a Transmitter or just as a Receiver. However, my headache is to make them simultaneously switch from Transmitting to Receiving...

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