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    Cauchy's Integral Formula - Physical / Intuitive Interpretation

    I wish to know what is the intuitive meaning of Cauchy's integral formula... What does it try to do...!!! I've searched quite a few places on net but those descriptions are pretty much mathematical...!!! They all talk about a disc and winding numbers and rotations etc... In bits and pieces, I...
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    Circuit Troubleshooting Help

    Dear Experts: I am trying to copy and make a LVDT excitation Circuit from the following link: https://www.mikesflightdeck.com/lvdts/lvdts.html I need help in understanding and troubleshooting the last circuit schematic (Signal Source) in the above link...!! The stated aim of the circuit is to...
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    Help Needed for my circuit

    Hello I've uploaded a circuit and I request some help on this circuit... The sensor part: The Sensor part requires +5V DC between Input + & Input - Terminals... So I fed it with a SMPS... +ve of SMPS goes to Input + and Ground of SMPS goes to Input -.... Under no load conditions voltage...
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    Circuit to Convert Pulses from Wind Speed Sensor to DC Volts

    Hello, I dont wish to use a Microcontroller... (Cos I donno abt it.. :).. ) I just wish to keep it simple but fairly accurate... Following is what I am looking for: Pulses of varying width will be generated from an optocoupler connected to a Wind Speed Sensor... These pulses needs to be...
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    Variable AC Current Source Circuit

    Friends, I need to make a Stable AC current source.... It should be able to vary the current using a Potentiometer from 1A to 5A of about 100VA rating....
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    Working Principle of THIS Instrument

    What is the working principle of the following instrument: https://www.raytek.com/Raytek/en-r0/ProductsAndAccessories/PortableThermometers/PortableThermometersSeries/MiniTemp-AutomotiveHandheld/Default.htm au revoir Rahul
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    [SOLVED] Wavelength of Power Wave

    What is the physical significance of wavelength for a Powerline Frequency. For Instance, a typical 50 Hz signal will have a wavelength of 6000 Kilometers (Speed of Light/Freq)... Then what does it mean to have a wavelength of 6000Kms in real physical sense... A cable is attached to a...
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    Transmit Relay Contact Information Wirelessly

    Hi, I seek help for implementing the following: I wish to transmit Contact Status Information (Close or Open) of four relays to a remote location, about 500 meters - Wirelessly.... The receiving end will have four Bulbs connected to another set of relays which will turn ON or OFF based on the...

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