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    why fpga is used in obd diagnostic devices of automotive

    Most of the obd diagnostic devices have fpga or cpld.what is the purpose? Why cannot mcus be enough?
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    Could not find out expressions on Renesas R8C/1B ic

    Hi everybody, I bought Renesas R8C/1B mcus. It is written "1B4 J3C0" on the mcus. on the ones i bought before it was written "1B4 F4K0". what do these expressions mean?
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    How can i enable code protect using E8a debuger/programmer?

    hi everybody, I am using r8c/1b controller and e8a programmer. i want to protect the software. how can i do it?
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    Renesas R8C A/D converter question?

    thank you for your answer.. i will try it. by the way how can i use internal reference?
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    Renesas R8C A/D converter question?

    Hi, Although i connot get answers to my questions i continue asking...... Can i connect VCC pin of R8C/1B to 3.6V and Vref pin to 5V? I mean Can Vref of A/D converter be connected to a source greater than Vcc of the MCU?
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    how to drive the MOSFET

    block diagram ups there are special ic's for driving mosfets....
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    RWS-375 current consumption

    rws-375 hi everbody, how much current do RWS-375 series receivers consume? it is not given in the datasheet....
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    rf receiver module and debugger problem....

    hi everybody, today i saw an odd situation. i have a circuit on which there is a receiver module with a digital output and the output is directly connected to an input pin of an mcu. i observed the digital data output of the receiver and saw normal parasitic data. but when i connect to the mcu...
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    can i receive rf data with a mcu?

    yes it outputs digital data. what is important when sending digital data? timing or high-low transitions?
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    can i receive rf data with a mcu?

    I mean there is an RF receiver which outputs serial data, connected to the mcu. can i resolve the data via software?
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    can i receive rf data with a mcu?

    hi, i want to receive rf data coming from a uhf receiver without a receiver ic. i want to use an mcu instead. is it possible
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    How can i program 12f series with ICD2?

    is there a shematic of that adapter? Can i build it?
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    How can i program 12f series with ICD2?

    Hi, How can i program 12f series pic mcus with an ICD2 and PICDEM2 plus demo board?
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    where to connect the shield

    there is a return path(GND) of course but what i mean by saying earth is the third of the mains supply: Phase-Neutral-EARTH. DC adaptors dont have the earth connection. as far as i know shield is connected to earth.
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    where to connect the shield

    hi, we designed an electronic card which is supplied by a dc adapter(i.e. no safety ground connection). the card is in a box and the box is shielded. i wonder where should i connect the shield? because there is no earth connection.
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    using a button from 5-8 meters

    hi, i want to use a button from 5-8 meters to the circuit. sometimes the button does not function properly. the button is connected to the pic's port and there is a pull-up resistor. when the button is pushed the port is pulled to GND
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    The differences between Linear,Switching and LDO regulators

    Re: Voltage Regulators LDO: low drop out. the ouptput voltage does not change too much

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