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    Difference between Differential difference current conveyor and OTA

    They are different from each other. OTA, means operational transconductance amplifier as you explain. For example, let's think an opamp. It has 2 input nodes as positive and negative. It senses voltage and gives output node as a voltage by amplifying. OTA input is the same with opamp. However...
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    Hspice warning: singular supplies terminated to 1 meg resistor

    Unfortunatelly, the warning leads to incorrect results in my simulation. Because, hspice automatically terminates voltage source with 1 meg resistor. I am trying to simulate impedance of varactor. Because of termination with 1 meg resistor, the result is always equal to 1 meg.
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    Hspice warning: singular supplies terminated to 1 meg resistor

    Hi guys, I have a varactor model and i want to simulate ac resistance of this device. When I run simulation, it gives result as 1 meg for every DC point at the same frequency. I examined log file and i saw a warning like this: the following singular supplies were terminated to 1 meg resistor...
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    subthreshod leakage current problem

    Actually, first thing that I see in your case is pA is very low current. That the transistor is affected by leakage is quite normal, especially for 180 nm. I recall that if we talk about subthreshold region, vgs should be less than Vth, 3 or 4 times of Vt (Thermal voltage). If you rise your...
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    [Moved]: transconductance formula for transistor

    Actually, first one is a MOS transistor transconductance formula. And I think it is incorrect. it should be 2*Id/(Vgs-Vth) or sqrt (2*Un*Cox*Id). Second one is not gm of single transistor. This is probably effective gm of an amplifier and if Cc is compansation capacitor, it is probably a two...
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    Cadence IC tools (library )

    You can't add anything to technology library, because any PDK does not let it happen. They are in READ-ONLY mode. Every device in tech library (in this case tsmc13rf) are characterized by FAB. If you want to just use a transistor model you can use analogLib elements. But these are not real...
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    How to calculate the setup time and hold time of a DFF?

    Re: Hold time and setup time calculation in cadence i want to know something. i have to test a bunch of flip-flop and i want to compute their setup and hold time effectively. Is there anyway to calculate setup and hold time of a D flip-flop in cadence by using calculator, or any tools in...
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    Frequency Response of Analog Multiplier in Cadence

    Hi, i am an electronic enginnering student and i am designing a four-quadrant analog multiplier for the graduation project. i want to know how i measure frequency response for two inputs in virtuoso. yes, for one inputs it's simple but in more than one input, i do not know how i can measure...

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