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    Multi element matching using the Smith chart

    Multi element matching using Smith chart Hi Multi element matching is needed for separating optimizing the Q and bandwidth of the circuit. For multi element matching(>3) components, how does one go about this using Smith charts? As for multi element there are an infinite paths to reach the...
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    DC block connector vs capacitor

    Hi, The DC block connector available from various manufacturers such as https://weinschel.apitech.com/weinschel/pdfiles/wmod7006-1.pdf support a particular frequency range. My question is why can't a capacitor with appropriate matching can be used instead of these DC block connectors? How are...
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    Equivalent circuit for TE, TM propagation modes

    Hi, TEM propagation mode which usually happens in almost all two plate conductors, can be represented equivalently by the famous LC ladder network. For TE/TM modes, is there an equivalent circuit representation? Thanks
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    Relation between Rollet stability factor and Bode plot

    Dear All, While designing opamps, one deals with phase margin for stability. But when designing LNAs, Rollet stability factor is checked. I am sure these two are related but for some reason Rollet stability factor is more appropriate for LNAs. 1) Can someone shed some light on the relation...
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    [Moved]: Compensation in frequency locked loop

    Hi All, In the attached frequency locked loop, why is there a need of compensation network formed by Rz,Cz, and Cc? As far as I see there is only one integrator in the closed loop, the OTA. The oscillator from vctrl to output frequency is just a gain block since the output variable of interest...
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    Going from PM/GM/MM (classical controls) to the eigenvalue (modern control)

    Going from PM/GM/MM(classical control) to eigenvalue(modern control) Hi All, I am not sure if this forum is correct for this question. I apologize for that. Single input single output(SISO) are well understood from classical control theory. It is intuitive from Bode/Nyquist plot, where to...
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    Difference between IC layout and PCB layout

    Hi, In multilayer PCB layout, it is very common to have dedicated power and ground plane layers during layout. This results in good signal integrity. But in IC layout, I have rarely seen anyone using a particular metal layer solely for power or ground plane purpose. Has anyone done a IC...
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    Nyquist stability criteria for MIMO systems

    Hi All, The Nyquist criteria which is described in various undergraduate textbooks is for single input and single output. There exists a similar Nyquist criteria for MIMO systems. Atleast a google search presents a lot of results. But I have difficulty in its application. There are opamp...
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    Comparison of different digital FSK demodulation methods

    Hi All, I am a newbie to demodulation and carrier synchronization. For low power demodulation the data after ADC in RX, what are the various algorithms algorithm available? A google search returned Viterbi, LDPC, Matched filter etc. For optimum demodulation, one also needs carrier...
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    Replicating Orcad layout

    Hi Everyone, I have a PCB layout for testing a single IC. I need to make a new single board where four of the same IC can be tested simultaneously. Basically I need to replicate the current PCB 4 times on a single board. Is there any option in Orcad layout(9.10) to do this? Thanks and Regards
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    Passive RC with complex poles

    Can complex poles be realized with only passive RC networks?
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    AMS 0.35um DRC error:bad_substr_subtap

    Hi everyone, I am using AMS 0.35um process.I am getting BAD_SUBSTR_SUBTAP_FLOAT_ERC error while running ASSURA.Please someone help me in debugging this error and how to solve this. Thanks
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    How does one simulate input offset of chopper amplifier?

    I have configured the chopper amplifier with a gain of 50.My chopping frequency is 5KHz.I am running a transient analysis for 1ms and then taking the average of the output after the demodulator.Is this method correct?I am getting an offset of 30uV. I have read on net that chopper offset can be...
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    Chopper amplifier offset measurement

    Hi All, How should one measure the offset of chopper amplifier? I have made an circuit with gain of 50 with this chopper amplifier.And I have shorted the inputs,on the differential output I see chopped output at chopper frequency.How can we estimate offset from this waveform? Thanks
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    spectre internal error,please help

    Hi All, I am doing DC simulation in spectre for my amplifier.But I get this error,in spectre.out Internal error found in spectre. Please run 'getSpectreFiles' etc... Error detected in file 'ipsm.c' at line 219 Assertion failed. Has anyone seen this issue?Please help. Thanks and Regards Debasish
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    input offset of differential amplifier

    Hi All, How should we measure the input offset of differential amplifier in lab?If I connect the inputs to their respective common modes and measure the difference between the outputs will it give me the offset voltage?Please clarify. Thanks
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    Bandwidth of S/H circuit

    Hi Everyone, What is ideal way to choose the tracking bandwidth of A/D converter??Does it has any relation to the sampling frequency??I know it should be greater than the incoming signal BW but does it has any relation with the sampling rate??Please help.
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    Tracking bandwidth of A/D

    Hi Everyone, What is ideal way to choose the tracking bandwidth of A/D converter??Does it has any relation to the sampling frequency??I know it should be greater than the incoming signal BW but does it has any relation with the sampling rate??Please help.
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    gerber view of ground plane in layout plus

    Hi Everyone, I am designing a board and have completed all routing and in the last stage of gerber generation.I have defined ground and power as plane layers and attached nets to them.Since plane layers are negative they are transparent.But in the preview they should show copper right??I am...
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    thickness of board in layout plus

    Hi Everyone, How should one set the thickness of the board in the layout plus?like the dielectric thickness between different layers??Please someone help. Regards DB

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