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    Hspice linux with IBM 0.13um

    Hi, I am trying to simulate an analog circuit in hspice linux. I am using the parameters of IBM 0.13um CMRFSF process. The Hspice not run due some VA compilation problem. In the .lis file the following mensage is shown: *pvaE* Please invoke hspice script instead of binary. **error** call to...
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    Error in synopsys custom designer simulation- Plz Help!!

    Hi, do you have any solution for it? Thank you.
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    HSPICE license server at each simulation?

    Hi I am analog IC designer and developer of analog automation design tools. As I need evaluate several simulations during the design procedure and at each simulation the HSpice acess the license file in server, I a problem. If the license server acess is about 2 seconds, in 2000 simulations I...
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    How to disable pop up window in Hspice

    Hello, I didn't understand how to disable the simulation window. Can you help me? For example, if I am running in HSPUI (Hspice GUI) it have a option where i can disable the windows poupup, but in matlab execution how can I change this setting? I use the functions below...

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