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    Performing iteration with 'for loop' in MATLAB

    In the code below, i am using "for loop" to get values of px for each iteration of i. There should just be one value of px per iteration or loop, but i am getting three values instead. What could be the error in my code? clear; clc; for i = 0:1:4; for m = 1:1:4; if i == 0...
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    fingerprint image local orientation field extraction

    I am extracting local orientation field of a grayscale fingerprint image using Rao's algorithm. I need urgent help to the correction of this error message that appears each time I run the code. The error message is: Here is the code function img_orient = fp_local_orientation(image) % image...
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    m-code for the detection of global orientation field of fingerprint using fomfe

    Hi everyone, I am working on extraction of fingerprint global orientation field using orientation model based on 2d fourier expansion (fomfe). I need the M-code for the implementation of the model. Any help on the matlab code for implementation of the algorithm will be highly appreciated.
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    Global orientation filed extraction of fingerprint

    I am a newbie to this forum and I need a matlab code to detect the global orientation field of fingerprint using Shelock and Monro's zero-pole algorithm.

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