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    Ocean Script - Why Vth keep the same by using ocean script

    Hi all, I am trying to use ocean to print Vth-Length waveform. What i do is to use ocean to submit a series simulations with dc OP simulation, and then open each result and print the vth value. But vth value keep the same with my script. When i run this script, vth_nm or vth_pm is always...
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    Spread spectrum for EMI

    My boss asked me to spread the spectrum of clock, to get better EMI performance. But i don't know where to find the basic theory of it. I've found in papers that there are different ways to do it, for example, random modulation and chaotic modulation. But most of them don't give out the...
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    Questions about verilogA description of external device

    Seems the theme of my last post is not so popular...hehe My question is how to describe the external mosfet? Now i just get the spec of external mosfet, but there are some parameters confusing me, Qg, Qgs, Qgd--(gate charge), Cin, Cout, Creverse--(tested @ 1Mhz). I've seen a model file of a...
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    Driver of external mosfet in DC-DC, and device modeling

    boost dc-dc external mosfet Hi all, I am trying to design a gate driver of external switching mosfet of a SMPS. The whole circuit is actually a boost DC-DC, but working in a open loop condition, no feedback from output. If given a 50% duty cycle, a 2*Vin is expected at the output. No...
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    op amp simulation issues

    1. how to simulate input-refered offset ? we know there are systematic offset and random offset. If i simulate the opa in a real-used loop, while all the nodes' voltages are set through feedback, does the input differential voltage in this case equal to the systematic offset? And is the...

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