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    friends i need helpin radix algorithm in dsp

    hi What help u need? are u trying to implement readix algorithms using VHDl for any project purpose or just u try to understand the concept? Regards Nagaraj
  2. K

    OFDM Channel Design in Matlab.Pls Help.

    hi find this useful material Added after 2 minutes: find the attached material
  3. K

    Looking for Hspice software

    Hspice I need Hspice software> can anyone help me
  4. K

    Help me with wireless communication system design using OFDM

    Re: OFDM here is the material to find the performance based OFDM
  5. K

    Looking for books about Smart Memories

    SMART MEMORIES Any one having book for Smart Memories?
  6. K

    DIY Moving Message Display

    circuit diagram for message display you refer to the book Rafiquizzman
  7. K

    Digital Signal Processing

    I need Solutions manual for Discrete time signal processing 2nd edition by Schafer

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