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    real number implementation in vhdl

    hi i have to perform real num addition. i will use the single precision format. can i give the input as a real num for ex:4.5.. is this possible in vhdl can any one help me how to convert real num into binary.. using vhdl i am not getting how to proceed
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    gps ... help required

    hi i am working on gps receiver interface to another unit. can any one help me how to go about the design of gps receiver using VHDL. I AM USING TSIP Protocol IF ANY E BOOKS PLEASE HELP ME.
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    rs232 interface to fpga

    alse_uart_us pdf hi is there any rs232 ip core module available... if it is there please send me the link. i am struck with the transmitter module of rs232
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    Looking for details about RS422

    hi i am working on a project in which i have to interface spartan 3 fpga to rs 422 can any one help in getting me the details about rs 422 i am not able to get the exact details about it can u help me
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    synthesizable delay using vhdl

    hi can any tell how to writ vhdlcode to introduce delay which is synthesizable like a<=b after 50 ns; c<= d after 30 ns;

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