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    glomosim tutorials you may read carfully about the upstairs friend's file. As I know,you may search the book or use the help in Glomosim,it is useful really.
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    question about demodulation ?

    You may know that the principle of envelop detector how it works,why it need the signal in positive not negative,in this way ,you may know what is your answer.
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    matlab code for TOA, DOA using Matrix Pencil!!!

    matrix pencil matlab U can search it in google or matlab web or in some places else.Try it .
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    which is better: PSK or FSK

    ber bfsk bpsk BFSK is better in S/N,by spending much more widebands.so only finding what you apply it to ,so you can tell which is better or worse!
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    How to enter a password to a wireless security door lock using mobile?

    wireless help i am thinking about your idea and have no answer now.and i can wait until anyone help you.
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    bluetooth simulation I think you can do it from the internet and receive the answer from your friends around you.As i know ,turbo coding can be realized in matlab ,so what you only may do is finding it as you can.
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    We are all from China

    Re: From China here i found many people not speaking english as his or her main language,and i am a chinese ,thanks for your kindness and helps. i hope we can get more from study each other and talk to each other sincerly.
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    chinese language is difficult to learn ,but chinese people

    Re: chinese language is difficult to learn ,but chinese peop as for now ,i think so too.but i believe as a friend says it will be good in the near future! i am trying to do it. chinese is difficulty ,but chinese is kind .welcome to china.

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