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    How to measure S2P of the antenna using network analyzer!

    Thank you for your reply, Tomhive. Is it possible to measure the S2P file of only one antenna? Because in HFSS, if we use multi-port to excite the antenna, then we can get the SNP file. Also I think we can use the same scheme to get the S2P file of a single antenna. Can you give me some...
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    How to measure S2P of the antenna using network analyzer!

    Hello, All, I want to ask if we can measure and export the S2p file of antenna by using the network analyzer. I know somebody can do it. But I don't know how they set up the test bench. Because the antenna only has one port, to measure the S2P, I think we have to regard the antenna...
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    How to reduce the Q value of the antenna?

    Thank you very much for your reply. Actually at present, I don't care how much the efficiency of the antenna is dropped. My target is improving the bandwidth of the antenna. I am quite new in the field of antenna. Would you please give me some reference about the relationship between the...
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    Relation between S11 and S21, S21 and antenna gain!

    Hello Everyone, I want to ask if there is any relation between S11 and S21 for the antenna. Usually we take the antenna as one port device. But If we take the feed port of antenna as one port, and the radiation port of antenna as another port, the antenna becomes two-port device. In this...
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    How to reduce the Q value of the antenna?

    Hello, Everyone, I want to ask if I can reduce the Q value of the antenna. Because usually for the narrowband antenna, it has quite high Q value (I think it should be larger than 20, some maybe 40 or 60). Now I want to reduce the Q value of the antenna, and further increase the antenna...
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    HFSS, How to ground Coplanar waveguide structure?

    Thanks for the explanation, it really helps!
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    HFSS: help on 10G XFP CONNECTOR SI simulation(SO

    Re: HFSS: help on 10G XFP CONNECTOR SI simulation&#6528 I also have the same problem. I try to simulate a dipole antenna using differential lump port, but it is always has the error, then I have to delete one terminal, then it can work. Anybody can explain the reason? Greatly appreciate!
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    What should be the PIFA dimensions of the radiation box for HFSS simulation?

    PIFA in HFSS Can anybody explain when use the driven mode and when use driven terminal. Any big difference? Thanks!
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    How to import antenna model from HFSS to Cadence?

    Hi, All, I am a student in the field of RF circuit design. Now I want add a general standard antenna into my front-end of the receiver to see the match performance between antenna and LNA. I have checked some references, it seems HFSS cannot simulate the active circuits (am I right?). So...
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    How to use the idela_balun in cadence

    Hi, I want to use balun to get a differential input, but when I add it into the schmetic, there is always the netlist error from the component ideal-balun. The simulation cannot continue. Does anybody know how to set up the ideal-balun in cadence? B.R. Thanks!

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