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  1. bigbangskh

    monopulse tracking without magic T

    Hi everyone I want to know that is it possible to use signal processing techniques to get sum and difference pattetns in monopulse tracker instead of using magic T if the system is wideband?for example it works between 6-18 GHz...? If yes please explain how? I think that magic T is not...
  2. bigbangskh

    Calibration in phased array

    Hi everybody I need a matlab code about phased array calibration. What I need is a matlab code or another program such as hfss or ads that simulates one of calibration techniques... Can anyone help me with this?
  3. bigbangskh

    RCS Simulation Using Matlab

    Dear all I need to do a simulation of RCS with matlab. Does anybody know how to do that or have some examples about it?
  4. bigbangskh

    laplace equation by 2D FEM matlab code

    Hi all Does anybody have a matlab FEM code for Laplace equation in a hexagon OR semicircle?
  5. bigbangskh

    Hfss simulation for phase shifter

    Dear all Does anybody have a example simulation for phase shifter in hfss? I just want to learn how to simulate it,so if anybody has a tutorial ,it will be great Thanks
  6. bigbangskh

    What to do when an hfss simulation does not converge?

    Hello I know what you say.You are right. But I don't know how to assign excitation and boundary for the cavity. Could you please tell me that where should I put the excitation? Thanks in advance
  7. bigbangskh

    What to do when an hfss simulation does not converge?

    Dear friends What to do when an hfss simulation does not converge? Is that related to solution setup,I mean number of passes or anything else? I simulated the attached cavity but it does not converge! What should I do?
  8. bigbangskh

    convergence ,passes,how to determine number of passes in solutions in hfss?

    Dear kartikkhurana Here is a tutorial about designing microstrip patch antenna in hfss. I used it and simulated the patch.It may be useful to you.
  9. bigbangskh

    Free software for simple dipole antenna simulation

    Dear Pban First of all,you should get introduced to the theory and concept of antenna because when you have a good background of a topic,it is easier for you to think about problems and then simulate them.This is a general advice. But for antenna simulation I think both hfss and matlab are good...
  10. bigbangskh

    [SOLVED] microstrip patch with ferrite substrate simulation

    Dear all I want to design a microstrip patch with ferrite substrate in HFSS. The substrate is set to "substrate" in hfss and when I change it to ferrite and simulate it,the program goes and goes and never stops! I don't know what is wrong with it? Anybody can help me? Here is my design
  11. bigbangskh

    Help me simulate stripline circulator in HFSS

    Re: Stripline circulator How can I design a circulator in hfss?Do you have a tutorial? I want to do a simulation about microwave ferrite and I think what I can do is to simulate circulators or isolators.for example a circulator with stripline. Do you have any simulations related to the above...
  12. bigbangskh

    Help me simulate stripline circulator in HFSS

    Re: Stripline circulator I have no idea about designing circulators in hfss. I just want an example to get started with.
  13. bigbangskh

    Help me simulate stripline circulator in HFSS

    Dear all I need to simulate a stripline circulator with HFSS. Anybody can help me? thanks in advance

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