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    Coplanar GSG probe pitch

    Hello, Can anybody tell me what does the probe pitch means for a GSG probe. Suppose, for 300um GSG probe, how to decide maximum permissible conductor width and Gap. thanx in advance.
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    Finite ground CPW waveport

    Hello , I want to simulate a W band 50 ohms finite ground conductor backed CPW line. I am using HFSS . I am not getting proper result. My problem is on changing the waveport size , the impedance of the CPW also changes for the fixed dimensions , so how can I exactly get the CPW dimensions...
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    CST plasmonic structure

    I am simulating a plasmonic nanostrip str. using freq. domain solver and getting this error message---"at least one propagating mode is not considered at port 1" If i am concentrating only on field distribution, can I rely on the result neglecting the error occured. Or anybody can suggest me...
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    HFSS system requirement

    What is the highest requirement in the system in terms of RAM size, hard disk required and other features etc. to run the simulations of HFSS, even for the lenthy simulations at optical frequency. If anybody knows then do suggest me. Actually I want to buy a new PC /Workstation, so want to get...
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    [SOLVED] HFSS wr90 waveguide impedance plot

    for a wr90 waveguide , I am not getting characterisitc impedance(in ohms) vs frequency plot and the wavelength vs frequency plot....actually in the add trace menu the options not given like unit ohm and variable λ ...if to add this how can i add this.? PLZ help .....!!!!!1:???:

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