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    DVB-T modulator Source code

    I'm looking for DVB-T modulator source code in VHDL or Verilog. Any help is appreciated. My email is moghtada(at)yahoo.com. Meanwhile, what hardware are needed to implement DVB-T modulator for two input videos in SDi and LAN types? Best
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    How to add libraries of ADS2009 into ADS2011?

    Dear friends, As you know the libraries in ADS2009 is attached to this software but in ADS2011 you should add your libraries, yourself. Who know how to add the libraries in ADS2009 into the ADS2011? Best regards, moghtada - - - Updated - - - I mean the devices libraries like Agilent...
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    Dielectric resonator Filter at 915MHz

    I have a very narrow band filter at 915MHz with a 26MHz band pass. Its rejection at 930MHz is more than 30dB!!!!. I think it is a dielectric resonator filter but I am not sure about it. The photo is attached. Please help me to find the type of this filter and the part number of resonator. Best...
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    HARVEST cordless phone schematic required

    If anybody has the schematic of HARVEST cordless phones schematics please help any model and handset or base. thanks a loooooooooooooot
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    distortion on camera image by a high power AM transmitter

    dear sirs, I have installed a camera (CCTV) near a high power AM transmitter (200KW power @900KHz Freq) but after 50 m coaxial cable I have a distorted iamge. what is your idea to improve it and cancle distortion? Thanks VAHID

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