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    [SOLVED] Error in Programming PIC18F4550 with the K150 PIC programmer

    Hello everyone, I got K150 PIC programmer. The programmer successfully programs PIC16F877A microcontroller. But when comes to PIC18F4520 and PIC18F4550 controller, it gives error in verifying the flash at 0x0000 location. The programmer is supposed to support these two controllers and I...
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    Need help in my project of "Clock with Selectable Alarm" using PIC16F877A.

    Hi all, I use MikroC, can also use Hi-tech C. In the code for my project, I cannot call any function from the interrupt routine. I want particular function to run in my code when i press the switch. I do not want to update any value in interrupt and scan it in idle condition and run according...
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    PADS does not display 3D viewing.

    Hell all, I have a problem regarding PADS PCB. I am running PADS v9.0 in Windows 7 with Win XP compatibility mode enabled. I have recently installed PADS for developing PCB. Before I used Eagle for that, so I am totally new to PADs and learning to use PADS. There is no any problem...
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    [SOLVED] DS1307 RTC Interfacing

    Hi, I am here after a serious failure in all my practices done for the interfacing with DS1307 RTC. First of all I would like to tell you that, I have successfully compiled my code in C for AT89C2051 to communicate with DS1307. I have tried it in Proteus VSM and run successfully. But now for...
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    What is the replacement of function "Reconnect" of OrCAD Layout in PCB Editor.

    What is the replacement of function "Reconnect" of OrCAD Layout in PCB Editor. I want to connect two pins of footprint with Ratsnets connection in OrCAD PCB Editor. I used OrCAD Layout to design PCB. But there is much difference between two. The function of the pin "Reconnect" in layout is to...

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