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    [req]Microelectronics: an integrated approach

    I'm looking for it too:)
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    How can I make a PCB with 2 thicness!

    Hi, are you talking about depth control milling? It defenetly feasible. I just do those boards for one of my USA customers. Here is the actual picture
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    How to output Gerber 274X from Wintypon5?

    Hi All, Does anyone how to output Gerber from Wintypon5 software? I am dealing with it first time and don't know how to do. BTW, I doubt it is French version but not sure. Thanks very much if someone can give me a light!
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    REQ: LED china manufacture

    Kindly let me know your detailed requirement. Thanks.
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    Where to send a parcel aroung HuaQiangBei area

    That's easy. Call big four international coureir companies, TNT, UPS, DHL and FeDex. You may find their contact no. on their homepage. Thanks! Ken.
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    Vaccum forming, moulds etc

    I believe there are too many guys speaking english in ShenZhen. You should easily find one.
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    Vaccum forming, moulds etc

    I believe it is an electronics forum rather than mechanical forum. You should try somewhere else. Good luck to you.
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    Problems with SIM300 as it doesn't detect the sim card

    caller number in sim300 Hi All, I can offer SIM300 module and development kit from China to you. Kindly email to sales@flypcb.com for any issue. Thanks, Ken
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    etching: trace width reduction

    I still remember the dialogue with our process engineer, Er won't be changed very much in the case of 1MHz or 1GHz in fact. You see, 58.7 ohm @1MHz = 60 ohm @1.2GHz. But as far as I know, the general imp tolerance in most factories are 10%. The difference 1.3ohm should be covered by the...
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    etching: trace width reduction

    If you use it to calculate the IMP control, it goes well. But you'd better respect the PCB manufacturer's comment if they need to resize the imp track width to better control impedance. They always can better understand their own manufacturing truth than designers. Just take a look at 3mil...
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    etching: trace width reduction

    Your formula is seriouly affected by the actual manufacturing environment of your PCB fabricator. It is very hard to say and give you an universal formula. Generally speaking, in base copper 0.5oz or 1oz case, w1 and w2 won't have a big difference. But it comes to 2oz and 4oz case, there is...
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    SIM300 developement kit

    I've seen them in China market. If you deed have a difficult to find them in your local area, please contact me at sales@flypcb.com Thanks, Ken
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    Generating Gerber Files with Express PCB

    expresspcb to gerber The official way is that you give express $60 USD, they will help you to transfer to Gerber. If you want to use it to make PCB, you can send to us. We have a sucessful exprience to make PCB in the format of ExpressPCB. Thanks, Ken(sales@flypcb.com)
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    What's the best PCB company in China?

    Best PCB company Dear Sir, Our company can serve you PCB/FPC fabricatrion, components sourcing and PCBA assembly. You are free to contact me at sales@flypcb.com Thanks. Ken
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    Where can I buy 10 UDN5804b ?

    UDN5804b If you have difficulty to find UDN5804b, maybe I can help you. Please wirte an email to sales@flypcb.com Good luck to your job. Ken
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    how to cutoff charger when the battery is fully charge

    mn13811 I can offer this part in China. How many do you want? Kindly let me know. Ken(sales@flypcb.com)
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    Buying hard to find parts

    electronic parts +small quantities +china I believe it is very easy to find any type components in China. Why not try to contact me? I can find tens of hundards of China suppliers who can offer STLC2150, no matter small or big order. My email is sales@flypcb.com Ken
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    China: recommended fabricators and positive experiences wit

    Maybe you can consider us, FLYPCB. Kindly visit our website www.flypcb.com Reasonable price and reliable quality. Thanks for your attention.
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    Looking for commercial partners in Taiwan or china

    I've dropped a message to you. Please check. My email is sales@flypcb.com Keep in touch!
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    Looking for small RF spring type coil supplier

    One of my friends is selling such kind of electronics components. Besides coil diameter 3mm, you need to state the copper track diameter. Please contact me at sales@flypcb.com

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