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    3 NOT gate connected,whats for?

    ya , for delaying purpose they were added the three NOT gate's , its becoming the timing diagram basis . the output inverted value is delayed for some seconds , thats why i think added the extra two NOT gate,.
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    if place the component in the board get as overlap ,whether it can error or not?

    hi buddy's i am using orcad software for pcb board designing, i have net listed the circuit , and while place the components getting overlap , because the board dimension is poor. so my doubt is whether if i place the component like this whether i get the error or not while...
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    how am i become as you like good pcb board designer?

    hmm , okay thanks ,. i will do it,. and can i meet in other way? like mail ,and facebook,.,,...,
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    how am i become as you like good pcb board designer?

    hum, okay thanks tpetar ,..,..,..,.,i will follow as you told , thanks again,...,.,. - - - Updated - - - okay marce , thank you for your reply ., i shall use this link
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    how am i become as you like good pcb board designer?

    hi Super Seniors , i am Ramakrishnan , from india, i just done Bachelor of engineering in the field of ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING , Basically i have interest in the electronics field. for that i just finished orCad course without appropriate teaching, so now , by my interest in...
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    here some error in the circuit (ohm meter circuit)

    hi ,, buddy thanks , i worked it ,,, do you know how to use the Altium designer? if you have the software , please send the link to me,, i need it.,.,..,.,.., free download link just send to me ,,, thanks .,.,.., waiting for your reply
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    here some error in the circuit (ohm meter circuit)

    first of all thanks for reply dude, i have a doubt , then why don't you use that LM317L here , and my opamp also dual supply ,,..,,..,.., which software did you done it?
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    here some error in the circuit (ohm meter circuit)

    hi buddy's here i have attached my circuit, i have small in this ... that means i have drawn the circuit in the orcad 16.0 and practically checked this circuit i didn't get the noted output in both ways ,,,, in this two condition should i connect the input 5V with the...
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    how to and what are the rules and ways create the foot prints?

    hi seniors, i have doubt create the foot prints in orcad , i created one project and in which one 15 pin connector there. for that i just wanna create foot print ,but everytime i am getting error like pin 1 is missing pin 2 is missing likewise all pins . i had used that orcad pcb designer...
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    not updating pcb board while netlisting

    ok , thanks , give some ideas to create a new foot prints ,,, rules and procedures ,,,
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    not updating pcb board while netlisting

    i don't have a words to say ,,, yes i am beginner for or cad & circuit designing ,,,,,, see you are my senior so you have full rights to tell anything, i am eager to contact with you , for further contacts i just need your facebook id name & profile pic name ,, please tell to me, i don't...
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    foot print created rules for symbols

    hi buddy's i am using orcad16.0 and i created one project , created footprints for corresponding symbols, even also i shows some error while netlisting IT shows some refdes error , but i gave the name of the symbol while creating the foot prints, but no use couldn't clear...
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    ERROR while netlisting

    hi dudezz,, i am using orcad 16.0 , and i have tried so many times ,but unusually i did not get error less circuit and board .,., so please guys take your time for my project , please consider it i have attached my three project and created foot prints also , you know its having...
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    not updating pcb board while netlisting

    take your own time buddy ,........,.,.,.,.,.
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    not updating pcb board while netlisting

    oh dude..... sorry sorry,,, ok i 'll try and then get back , if i couldn't solve the error , i would be back , you just clear it .,.,..,.,. okay thanks - - - Updated - - - sorry dude, , i don't have a idea to try you told . so i will send schematic and created foot prints , please check it...
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    not updating pcb board while netlisting

    hm , thanks madam for your help , but i already done the DRC , it did not show any errors , if i create the netlist then only i got such kind of errors, and Do you have any pcb design material madam:?" i 'm new to orcad maa'm. just simply finished the courses only, that knowledge not enough to...
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    not updating pcb board while netlisting

    hey seniors ! ! !! please solve the errors ,,,, i just want details urgently... please help my buddy's,,,,,,,,
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    not updating pcb board while netlisting

    hi,,, i have created three project ,i 'm using ORCAD 16.0 . already i posted one of the error from the one of my project. now , while i netlisting the three project , all the three project has this kind of same error,, please solve it, i have attached that three projects session logs...
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    device/symbol check error detected

    orcad 16.0........... please solve the error

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