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  1. krishna410

    Excellent EMsoftware for simple Antenna design...??

    hi.. as i worked in many EM softwares.. i feel HFSS n Microstripes r the flexible ones.... if i have to say the better of two i prefer Microstripes 7.0 thnk u
  2. krishna410

    Antenna design in Microstripes 7.0

    microstripes 7.0 Hi, Its a bit easy task to design antenna structures in Microstripes 7.0. the ease of meshing and time it takes to simulate is less compared to HFSS. But, the antenna design is effective only if the structure is not complex.
  3. krishna410

    Fractal Antenna Design in HFSS??

    fractal antenna design Hi... Anyone intersted in Fractal Antenna design in HFSS or any doubts u can post here.. thank you
  4. krishna410

    WLAN- architecture and quiz on wlan

    hi .. for many comm students who work in antennas... they will be havin wlan as one of their interest.. for them this file gives u a scope of it
  5. krishna410

    any doubts regarding the simulation in HFSS 9.0

    vivaldi .hfss any doubts regarding the simulation of antenna designs in HFSS9.0 ...?? u can post ur doubts here

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